Anthony Davis explained why he chose a five-year, $190 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers instead of a shorter deal that could have potentially allowed him more money and freedom.

“L.A. is the place I wanted to be," said Davis. "They do a great job... of just putting the team together. It’s the place I wanted to be, where I love to be. I’m out here during the summers and now living out here full-time for the next five years. So I thought it was just a great thing to go five years and be here in the place that I love, and (I) don’t plan on going anywhere. So why not maximize it the most at this opportunity?”

Davis also wasn't aware LeBron James was going to commit for two more seasons until he heard it reported. Davis and James share an agent in Rich Paul.

“To be honest, I didn’t know what LeBron had going on. I didn’t know he was signing the deal. Rich doesn’t involve me with LeBron’s contract business. I found out the day everyone else found out that he was signing for two (years) $48 (million), I mean two for $85 (million), sorry ‘Bron (laughs).”