Anthony Edwards has grown two inches since he was drafted from 6'4 to 6'6. 

"This is a very Ant thing," Chris Finch said at the Star Tribune booth at the Minnesota State Fair on Wednesday. "He told me, 'Don't let me get to 6-6 or I'll be Michael Jordan.'"

The growth spurt of Edwards could allow the Minnesota Timberwolves to use Edwards as an undersized power forward in certain lineups.

"He's an extremely unique player and has all this raw ability, but he's very literal when you coach him. Like I say to him, 'I need you to go out and do X,' he'll do it," Finch said. "We discovered in the last part of the season [when I'd tell him], 'I need you to get seven rebounds tonight.' We gave him goals almost every game or every period of time, so you give him stuff to focus on and he went out and did that."