As he almost always is when he gives his annual preseason State of the NBA address, Adam Silver was asked about expansion. Until 2020, Silver had unilaterally shot down the idea of expansion. His consistent message was, "We're focused on having 30 healthy and successful franchises."

At a press conference before the NBA bubble began at Walt Disney World to finish the 2020 season, Silver changed his tune somewhat. The Commissioner said at that time, "We've dusted off the expansion analysis. It's not imminent, but it's something we're starting to look at."

Silver didn't back away from this comments when asked about them recently. He said the the league is still evaluating expansion, but that they would "like to get further away from the pandemic before we move forward there."

It's believed that the NBA would like to add at least two franchises, in order to keep an even number of teams. Markets mentioned as possibilities include a return to Seattle and Vancouver, Las Vegas, Louisville, St. Louis and Kansas City, among others.