Charlotte Hornets wing Gordon Hayward is out once again due to an injury. This time around, Hayward is suffering from a shoulder injury. The exact nature of that injury has Hayward's wife Robyn upset with the Hornets.

Charlotte has reported Hayward as being out due to a left shoulder contusion. Robyn Hayward took to social media to refute that report, saying her husband is suffering from a more serious injury.

Mrs. Hayward said Gordon has a fractured left scapula. She went on to say Gordon played through the injury last game and that it prevented him from being able to lift his left. Robyn then wrote that Gordon is missing games, it's because he's got more than a bruise.

Robyn then stopped herself but returned back to post again that Gordon has a fracture. She finished by saying, “I’m over them not protecting players. Just was talking with a young player’s mom, and she was saying the same thing…”