Makur Maker will be eligible for the 2020 NBA draft if he applies as an early-entry candidate, according to a memo from the league office to all 30 teams.

The memo also included a revision to the collective bargaining agreement regarding the draft eligibility of players similar to Maker.

In the future, however, U.S.-based players who have not yet graduated high school but otherwise meet the standard criteria of being 19 years old and one NBA season removed from their originally scheduled graduation date will not be eligible for that year's draft. 

Because Maker was two credits short of receiving a high school diploma from Orange (California) Lutheran High School, where he was enrolled during the 2018-19 season, he needed to petition the NBA for inclusion by submitting high school transcripts to the league office.

Maker was once ranked in the 30s of the ESPN 100 but now is No. 77 and increasingly likely to attend college next year.