Los Angeles Lakers Front Office

Clippers Were Never Interested In Russell Westbrook
Kenneth Faried Works Out For Lakers
Lakers Hire John Lucas III As Assistant Coach
Lakers Trade Marc Gasol To Grizzlies, Will Be Waived
RealGM Radio: West Over-Unders With Arturo Galletti (2021-22)
DeAndre Jordan To Sign One-Year, $2.6M Deal With Lakers
Anthony Davis Was Frustrated By Looks Generated By Dennis Schroder
Rajon Rondo To Sign One-Year, $2.6M Deal With Lakers
Lakers Were 'Strongly Considering' Signing Isaiah Thomas Until Rajon Rondo Became Available
Rajon Rondo Reaches Buyout With Grizzlies, Expected To Sign With Lakers

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Lakers Analysis

The 2022 Lakers And Nets, And One Ring To Rule Them All

by John Wilmes

As the NBA transitions to a new era, a Lakers-Nets Finals could function as the capstone to a certain era of stars; one last hurrah for everyone old enough to remember when David Stern was still their commissioner. This would be a Super Bowl of sorts- a collision of legacies too rich to miss, too hyped-up to possibly escape.

DeAndre Jordan's Winnowing Of Choices

by Colin McGowan

DeAndre Jordan may wish he could create a better set of options, be 27 again. Or maybe this is a fine time to get out.

The Opening Hours Of NBA Free Agency As Thirty Mission Statements

by Jack Tien-Dana

The advent of protracted trade demands and the play-in tournament and reshuffled lotto odds have conspired to incentivize goodness and punish intentional foulness. The NBA has pushed teams toward respectability.

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