Andrew Wiggins has gained a reputation for only playing hard against top competition.

"When the big games come, I show up," Wiggins said. "I'm more than ready to play. When we play a team I know we're going to blow out or anything like that, I'm not as motivated."

One assistant coach summed up Wiggins this way: "He has the highest ceiling I've seen in high school for a long time. Once he figures out how to play with a motor all the time, I think he'll be an NBA All-Star. I'm not saying he doesn't play hard, but he knows he's good enough to turn it on and off."

Wiggins has struggled on the court lately, something that's been attributed to everything from a case of bronchitis to apathy to the pressure of his college choice.

"I think it's the lack of competition that has him disinterested,” said Nolan Shulman, a Canadian recruiting analyst. “He is driven by competition. When it isn't there he turns his effort off and goes through the motions."