Kurt Rambis has said that due to the athleticism and versatility of Kristaps Porzingis, he could “eventually see him at the 3-spot some,” referring to the small-forward position. 

Rambis previously wanted Porzingis to sprint down the court after opponents' misses for post-up opportunities.

Rambis, who has said Porzingis is “going to be phenomenal,” has also been critical of the rookie’s shot selection, saying “there are shots out there that he takes that I flat-out don’t like.” Porzingis’ 3-point attempts are down since Rambis comment.

Teams typically look to use players with the skill set of Porzingis at center due to how much space it requires defenses to cover.

Porzingis has enough quickness to get transition dunks and could potentially be a long-range threat as a trailer in transition.