Steph Curry scored 27 points in his first game in three weeks as the Golden State Warriors lost to the Detroit Pistons 111-102. He shot 10-21 from the field, including going 3-9 from the 3-point line.

He injured his groin against the Milwaukee Bucks on November 8th. The Warriors went 5-6 in 11 games without Curry.

Curry is averaging 29.5 points this year, his highest total since the 2015-16 season. 

"I've had great games after missing substantial time before," Curry said. "Tonight was not like that. It was just more being really antsy in times when I got the ball in my hands, feeling like I had to make something happen. I didn't really force much, it was just the timing was off. My teammates were doing a great job trying to find me and getting me going. I think a little bit of that kind of worked against us if I wasn't able to finish possessions. Everybody was doing a little bit too much sacrificing and that happens at times when your lineups change and things like that, but we'll adjust back to how we normally play. Everybody will continue to be aggressive and confident and we'll get back to Warrior basketball."