The Utah Jazz will be looking to add more offensive firepower in the offseason.

“Adding a sniper at any position is something we're going to have to strongly evaluate,” said general manager Dennis Lindsey.

Lindsey added that he wants Derrick Favors to be part of the "solution" going forward.

Ricky Rubio's future remains up for discussion.

“A lot of friends have asked me, 'Yo, where are you gonna play next year? Can I come visit?' I honestly have no idea. But one thing I’m gonna look [at] for sure is the best situation for me, with the coach and the team. … I want to be happy. I’m gonna try to find the best situation for me to perform and be happy," said Rubio.

Lindsey also discussed the difficulty of bringing free agents to the team, saying they want more money to play for the Jazz.

“We’ve had a lot of guys that have wanted to come. But, you know, they want $18 million and they’re worth six," he added.