John Wall is expected to start jogging in the coming weeks as he ramps up his recovery.

“I’m about to start jogging in like two weeks,” he said. “I’m just riding the bike, I get to do exercises standing up now. I don’t have to sit down, I’m able to move, do ladder steps, those types of things. Just taking my time, progressing, healing the right way so I don’t force myself and get another injury.”

Wall underwent season-ending surgery on his left heel in January of this year and then suffered a ruptured left Achilles tendon after slipping and falling in his home.

Wall is not expected to return until after the 2020 All-Star break.

“Everybody said I can’t be myself, I won’t be nowhere near as good again,” Wall said on Monday night. “That’s all the other stuff that’s going to fuel me. I don’t get upset about it, you’re entitled to your own opinion. Please keep it going.”