Steve Kerr admitted that he thought Steph Curry had contracted the coronavirus last week after the point guard made his return from injury. 

Curry, who sat out two games, was instead diagnosed with the seasonal flu. 

"We all were very concerned that maybe he had the coronavirus. And that's why our team doctors were very, very much on the case," Kerr told NBC Sports Bay Area. 

"I felt guilty because he had played in the Toronto game. And then the next day we went to open for that march. Some meetings, and I ... So when he was sick the next day I thought, "Oh, man." You know, I needed to send Steph home. He hadn't been sick the day before, but it was a big day, with him coming back and expending all that energy and emotion in the game. And I felt ... When he came down, I felt somewhat responsible because I invited him to take part in the Oakland festivities, but he assured me that it had nothing to do with that," added Kerr.

Kerr added that his team are waiting to hear of the next steps from the NBA.

"It's pretty obvious nothing's going to happen anytime soon, this effort to shift the momentum on this thing. Nationwide, worldwide - feels like we'll need to shut things down for several weeks at a minimum. So we will not be holding any practices, but we'll wait to hear what the NBA has to say, and we'll make sure we're taking care of our players and making sure we're following all the guidelines that the experts are layout for us."