The New York Knicks have identified Brock Aller as a strong candidate to join their front office under Leon Rose.

Aller is currently a apologist for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Aller served as a personal assistant to Dan Gilbert for 10 years before this promotion in 2017 to senior director of basketball operations. 

“(Aller)'s probably one of the finer capologists in the league,” Gilbert told in 2017. "He knows more about the cap than probably PricewaterhouseCoopers knows about the IRS code. He lives with the cap, with the collective bargaining agreement.

"He comes up with ideas on things that the league has never heard of, they have to go into their committees to check if it's OK or not. He's sort of a savant with this. He's a space-creator, the kind of space that (Cavs GM Koby Altman) will need in the cap. He was involved in probably every trade the last few years in a creative sense.”