The Philadelphia 76ers have been playing Ben Simmons "exclusively" at power forward during practices within the bubble.

"He's so dynamic," Brown said on a conference call with reporters. "Let's just talk about running. There's nobody faster in the NBA. So to always have the ball and dribble it up against five guys ... to do that dilutes some of his potent weapons.

"So, watching him fly up the floor, watching him and Joel [Embiid] play off each other, has been a really good look. I think they've been fantastic together."

By playing Simmons at power forward, the 76ers will need to bring Al Horford off the bench and will likely replace him in the starting lineup with Shake Milton.

Brown said the decision to initially play Simmons at point guard was necessitated by the fact they didn't have viable other options.

"You take somebody and say, 'Here's the ball.' It's not like Ben came in and we had Chris Paul on the team or Damian Lillard on the team," Brown said. "We were young, and really not that good, so it was my decision, 'You take the ball. We're going to make you the point guard.' It's not like there was an established point guard that he had to bump out.

"[And] how has he responded to that? Like a star. Just a mature, 'Whatever it's going to take to get this team to be the best it can be with the pieces that we have that can be, I don't know, just designed into a smooth thing' ... that is one of the pieces he has to offer.

"He's been great accepting that, and really killing it in the environment that I just said."