D'Angelo Russell is playing out the final season of the four-year, maximum deal he signed in 2019. Russell is extension-eligible with the Minnesota Timberwolves, but it doesn't seem like the 26-year-old guard has an extension coming his way.

On a recent episode of The Scoop with Darren Wolfson, guest Brian Windhorst said about Russell, "I have not heard any discussion of him getting an extension."

Wolfson agreed by adding, "Well, I think (Russell's) representation has reached out to the Wolves, but it doesn’t seem like it’s being reciprocated."

Russell signed his current deal with the Brooklyn Nets as part of a sign-and-trade to the Golden State Warriors. That deal sent Kevin Durant, also via sign-and-trade, to Brooklyn. Russell was then traded at the 2020 trade deadline to Minnesota in exchange for Andrew Wiggins.

Because he's on an expiring contract, Russell will remain extension-eligible through the end of the league year on June 30.