Joel Embiid only recently returned to the Philadelphia 76ers after an illness. Now, the All-Star big man is dealing with multiple injuries.

Embiid tweaked his ankle in the Sixers win over the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday night. When asked if he'd be ok to play in the team's back-to-back against the Utah Jazz on Sunday, Embiid said that was hope.

"I plan on playing but I'm going to see how it reacts tomorrow," Embiid said about his ankle. "It's pretty sore."

The star center said he's also dealing with a painful shoulder injury.

"I don't know what happened but some days I can't lift my arm up," Embiid said when asked about grabbing his shoulder throughout the Hawks game. "When I block shots, I really feel it. I don't what's going on."

Embiid is also still working through conditioning issues. He was unable to work out for most of the offseason due to plantar fasciitis. When he seemed to be rounding into shape, Embiid was sidelined due to illness.