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Prospect Report: Marvin Bagley III Of Duke

by Rafael Uehara

Aug 15, 2017 8:30 PM

Marvin Bagley's biggest appeal at this point of his development is his agility and coordination, which are above average for someone his size. Read more »

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Prospect Report: Michael Porter Jr. Of Missouri

by Rafael Uehara

Jul 26, 2017 2:06 PM

Michael Porter Jr. dominated in high school due to his athletic prowess but also showed an appealing level of skill for someone his size. The combination of dribble moves and shot making he displayed, even if still in its infancy, makes his scoring potential tantalizing. Read more »

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Leroux's 2017 NBA Draft Review

by Danny Leroux

Jun 23, 2017 12:31 AM

The 76ers, Wolves, Mavericks, Kings, Raptors, Lakers, Warriors and Jazz highlight the great drafts, while the Hawks and Bulls have the worst draft nights for the trades each team made. Read more »

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Prospect Report: John Collins Of Wake Forest

by Rafael Uehara

John Collins is one of the later risers in this draft class with impressive athleticism and a skilled post game despite being undersized. Read more »
Sights And Sounds Of 2017 NBA Draft Media Availability

by Andrew Perna

On Jayson Tatum already sounding like a Celtic, De'Aaron Fox's confidence, Jonathan Isaac's plan to add strength, John Collins as modern style throwback, and Malik Monk as a realist. Read more »
Prospect Report: Malik Monk Of Kentucky

by Rafael Uehara

Malik Monk's future in the NBA very well could be as a 3&D point guard who supplements ball-dominant wings by guarding opposing point guards and spacing the floor on offense while those guys run offense. Read more »
Prospect Report: Luke Kennard Of Duke

by Rafael Uehara

Without some unforeseen development in athletic ability or creativity, Luke Kennard will need to translate his elite-level shot making or perhaps even improve on it in the pros to justify how high he'll be drafted. Read more »
Prospect Report: Donovan Mitchell Of Louisville

by Rafael Uehara

Donovan Mitchell's statistical profile is not particularly impressive but he's risen up the boards during workout season because he is the sort of prospect teams can more easily dream reaching the highest of highs. Read more »
Prospect Report: Jonathan Isaac Of Florida State

by Rafael Uehara

Of all the prospects expected to be drafted in the top 10, Jonathan Isaac was the one given the smallest chance to showcase his skill-set on offense. His length and potential on offense is that enticing. Read more »
Prospect Report: Lauri Markkanen Of Arizona

by Rafael Uehara

Lauri Markkanen enrolled at Arizona as a highly touted pro prospect after playing on the FIBA circuit and he had one of the most remarkable shooting seasons in NCAA history. Read more »
Prospect Report: Zach Collins Of Gonzaga

by Rafael Uehara

Because Zack Collins is a white big who has taken some jumpers here and there, there's a belief he's a "skills" player on offense, but the reality is there is a higher chance he will end up earning his money due to his athletic ability on energy plays . Read more »
Dissecting The NBA Fits For Josh Jackson

by Rafael Uehara

Every year there is a player with jaw dropping physical talent and some skill that suggests he might have superstar potential but who also possesses an undeveloped area that might be a fatal flaw and cap such potential. This year it's Josh Jackson. Read more »
Prospect Report: Jayson Tatum Of Duke

by Rafael Uehara

Jayson Tatum's biggest selling point is his individual scoring and positional flexibility with his size on the wing. Read more »
Prospect Report: Lonzo Ball Of UCLA

by Rafael Uehara

Lonzo Ball still has areas to improve in terms of getting to the basket against a set defense, hitting the eventual stop-and-pop jumper and on defense. We breakdown his game and where he'd best fit. Read more »
Notes From The 2017 Nike Hoop Summit

by Christopher Reina

While it was largely the Michael Porter Jr. show this week, Wendell Carter Jr., Mohamed Bamba, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Collin Sexton had notable showings. Read more »
Five NCAA Tournament Players Off Draft Boards With An NBA Future

by Brett Koremenos

Nothing is more rewarding than finding a diamond in the rough, that college player no one else gets excited about but you know is going to be a pro one day. Read more »
Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, Calipari & The NBA Age Limit

by Jonny Auping

There are three parties in this equation: The NCAA (and their coaches), the NBA, and the players. They all have money to make or lose under any system. Read more »
Reviewing The Prospects Of The Big East Tournament

by Jordan Tyler

On how Josh Hart, Justin Patton, Angel Delgado, Desi Rodriguez and Marcus Foster impacted their professional future at the Big East Tournament. Read more »
Top-10 NBA Draft Prospects Of March Madness

by Rafael Uehara

On Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, Jayson Tatum, De'Aaron Fox, Lauri Markkanen, Malik Monk, Jonathan Isaac, Miles Bridges, Justin Jackson and John Collins. Read more »
Prospect Report: Frank Ntilikina Of Strasbourg

by Rafael Uehara

Frank Ntilikina has shown he can act as a volume shot creator, capable of getting his team shots on an every-possession basis, which combined with his height, makes him an elite prospect, even in a class as strong as this 2017 one is perceived to be. Read more »