Basketball Analysis

The Maximum Available 2019 Cap Space for All 30 NBA Teams, Version 2.0

by Keith P Smith

Apr 22, 2019 4:25 PM

The Knicks, Clippers, Hawks, Kings and Lakers project to have the most cap space this offseason. Read more »

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The Placeholder Team With A Claim On Eternity

by Louis Keene

Apr 23, 2019 1:39 PM

Assembled to be forgotten, they became unforgettable in a way championship teams can only aspire to. The Clipper franchise may very well be on the cusp of successes more broadly recognizable and lucrative, but could next year's victories ever be as vividly enjoyable-as precious-as this season's have been? Read more »

Tags: Los Angeles Clippers, NBA

For Joel Embiid, It May Be Now Or Never

by Micah Wimmer

Apr 18, 2019 3:00 PM

Joel Embiid is both a throwback and a renunciation of present trends in basketball strategy. He also could be running a race against his own body. Read more »

Tags: Joel Embiid, Philadelphia Sixers, NBA

A Second-Tier Star With First-Tier Privileges

by Colin McGowan

At the absolute peak of his powers, Russell Westbrook is every bit as good as the very best players in the league. But he just can't do it often enough, and at some point, inefficiency loses out. Read more »
Ten-Year NBA Net Rating Rankings (Infographics For All 30 Teams)

by Christopher Reina

We look at the trajectory of every team in the NBA in terms of how they rank in the category. Read more »
Blake Griffin Has Everything Except What He Can't Get Back

by Colin McGowan

If there is something deeply satisfying about watching Blake Griffin play these days- and to be clear, despite the gloomy overtones, there certainly is- it's the extent to which he's mastered his craft. Read more »
Late Season NBA Flotsam And The Giannis Who Could Redeem It

by John Wilmes

The past several weeks of NBA basketball have been scantly watchable, and it's primarily because of structural issues wrought by businessmen. Read more »
College Basketball Barely Contained Zion Williamson

by Colin McGowan

It's tempting to wonder what true freedom would look like for Zion Williamson, what he would do with his talents if he could apply them more freely, but that's a far-off fantasy. Read more »
Jimmy Butler Is About To Be Insufferable

by Jonny Auping

As self-promotional as Jimmy Butler's whole shtick may be, it's hard to doubt that he genuinely does enjoy humiliating basketball players for the crime of not being up for the challenge he presents them with. This will reach a new height on a playoff run with Philadelphia. Read more »
The Magic Are Strange, Busted, Not Half-Bad

by Colin McGowan

You can have a good time watching a Magic game, and you can talk about what they are, rather than what they might be three years down the road. That's a small victory. Read more »
The Context Compounded The Horror Of Jusuf Nurkic's Injury

by Colin McGowan

Jusuf Nurkić isn't Portland's best player, but he was perhaps the fullest embodiment of the Blazers' ideal: a solid professional performing a fair bit better than that descriptor suggests, a truly exciting if slightly inconsistent and limited talent. Read more »
The 76ers' Charming Bravado

by Colin McGowan

Philadelphia's borderline delusional confidence is what makes them such a compelling team. Harris is a sweetheart, but Butler, Embiid, and Simmons are all brash and chippy and ornery. Read more »
The Business Of Being Kyle Lowry

by Katie Heindl

Kyle Lowry has shown that it is possible to elevate all the right aspects in the business of putting a player's career first without sacrificing loyalty and contribution to the team. Read more »
Nikola Vucevic And What Makes A Good Player A Star

by Micah Wimmer

Nikola Vucevic does everything well, just a shade less well, and a few shades less engagingly than his peers. Read more »
Isaiah Thomas Was A Comet At The Exact Wrong Point In His Career

by Colin McGowan

At the edge of NBA relevance, all Isaiah Thomas can do now is fight like hell to hold down a job. And he'll forever be aggrieved about what he didn't get. Read more »
LeBron Makes Basketball Easy, Everything Else Unnecessarily Difficult

by Colin McGowan

LeBron James had a grand vision for himself when he chose the Lakers, but that got in the way of the day-to-day. Read more »
Finding Role Players On The Fly Within Mike D'Antoni's Structural Freedom

by Matthew Tynan

As everyone rightfully paid attention to the absolute insanity of the must-see James Harden watch-a-thon, it was guys like Kenneth Faried and Austin Rivers arriving in the night and immediately revitalizing a team that needed it badly. Read more »
Harrison Barnes Finds His Scale

by Colin McGowan

The Kings provide a space where Harrison Barnes can operate at something like a happy medium, become the player he was meant to be rather than the one he and others have spent nearly a decade telling us he might become. Read more »
Nikola Jokic Is The Big Talent That Can Exploit NBA Trends

by Jonny Auping

The Nuggets have discovered that surrounding him with shooters and cutters means double-teaming Nikola Jokic at any spot on the floor will be chaos for any kind of defense. Read more »
Myles Turner's Evolution Into The NBA's Archetypal Modern Big Man

by Andrew Perna

Myles Turner hasn't been an All-Star but he's a Defensive Player of the Year candidate and he's an archetype of the NBA's modern big man. Read more »