The Houston Rockets have interest in acquiring Jimmy Butler this offseason despite what would be a difficult pursuit in terms of their cap situation.

"I'm hearing these rumblings about Jimmy trying to get back there," said Brian Windhorst.

"They're real rumblings," replied Tim MacMahon. "The Rockets think they have a chance."

"It would take cooperation," said Windhorst. "It would take one of two things to happen: either they would have to take all of those first round picks they offered for Jimmy initially and they would have to trade them to a team with salary cap space. The Knicks, the Hawks have some space left. The Bulls maybe if they don't get Malcolm Brogdon or whatever. They would have to trade them a team and use those picks. Remember how the Warriors wiped the books for Andre Iguodala. They would have to do that and sign Jimmy. Or they would have to work a sign-and-trade with the Sixers, which would be very difficult because then they would lose their ability to be a tax team.

"I don't doubt Daryl's ability to do the cap gymnastics. I don't doubt that. What I doubt is them getting Jimmy Butler to agree to it, because Philly is going to come with a five-year max.

"Are we sure about that?" said Windhorst.

"I put it at 99 percent Philly is coming with a five-year max. I'm pretty comfortable on that," said MacMahon.

Jackie MacMullan interjected that she's heard the 76ers are prioritizing Butler over Tobias Harris.