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RealGM Radio: Arturo Galletti On NBA Season Over-Unders

In this two-part episode, host Daniel Leroux (@DannyLeroux) and Arturo Galletti of BoxScoreGeeks.com (@ArturoGalletti) go through the over-unders for all 30 NBA teams for the 14-15 season. 

Timestamps for the discussion on each team:

Part One

Atlanta Hawks (40.5 wins)- 


Boston Celtics (26.5 wins)- 


Brooklyn Nets (41.5 wins)- 


Charlotte Hornets (45.5 wins)- 


Chicago Bulls (55.5 wins)- 


Cleveland Cavaliers (58.5 wins)- 


Dallas Mavericks (49.5 wins)- 


Denver Nuggets (40.5 wins)- 


Detroit Pistons (36.5 wins)- 


Golden State Warriors (50.5 wins)- 


Houston Rockets (49.5 wins)- 


Indiana Pacers (32.5 wins)- 


Los Angeles Clippers (55.5 wins)- 


Los Angeles Lakers (31.5 wins)- 


Memphis Grizzlies (48.5 wins)- 


Miami Heat (43.5 wins)- 


Lightning Round


Click here to listen or download Part 1 

Part Two

Milwaukee Bucks (24.5 wins)- 


Minnesota Timberwolves (25.5 wins)- 


New Orleans Pelicans (41.5 wins)- 


New York Knicks (40.5 wins)- 


Oklahoma City Thunder (57.5 wins)- 


Orlando Magic (28.5 wins)- 


Philadelphia 76ers (15.5 wins)- 


Phoenix Suns (42.5 wins)- 


Portland Trail Blazers (48.5 wins)- 


Sacramento Kings (30.5 wins)- 


San Antonio Spurs (56.5 wins)- 


Toronto Raptors (49.5 wins)- 


Utah Jazz (25.5 wins)- 


Washington Wizards (49.5 wins)- 


Other bets on the board-

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Via RealGM Staff Report

Dario Saric Unlikely To Sign With 76ers Before 2016 Despite Unhappiness With Turkish Club

Dario Saric signed a two-year contract with Anadolu Efes in Turkey and the biggest obstacle for him to come to the NBA before 2016 reportedly remains financial.

There is not a buyout in Saric's contract with Efes, meaning the only way the Philadelphia 76ers' first round pick can sign an NBA deal is if his current team lets him go.

Saric's father has reached a boiling point with Efes.

Via Eliot Shorr-Parks/NJ.com

76ers Could Revisit Michael Carter-Williams Trade Talks

The Philadelphia 76ers tried hard to trade Michael Carter-Williams around the time of the 2014 NBA Draft, but sources say the player they sought with an acquired pick was unlikely to be available.

The 76ers are expected to repeat the exercise in trading Carter-Williams as he recovers from offseason surgery.

The 76ers do like Carter-Williams, but point guard is the most replaceable position in today's NBA and they continue to seek additional high-value draft picks.

Via Zach Lowe/Grantland

Carter-Williams Given Longer Actual Recovery Time Than 76ers Released

The Philadelphia 76ers originally announced Michael Carter-Williams' rehab time from a torn labrum as two to four months, but it was actually six to nine months.

"Everything but play contact," Williams reiterated on his participation. "I wish I was [playing], but that's doctors' orders. I have to listen to what they say and come back 100 percent. I feel great.

"I am getting a little itchy to play. The surgery diagnosis was, I was supposed to be out from 6 to 9 months, but I'm plenty ahead of schedule. I feel great. I wish I was playing."

Asked about the timetable of 2 to 4 months, Carter-Williams said: "That not true at all. [The 6 to 9 months], that's from when I first got the surgery. But it's doing great.

"There is no specific set date. We have to plan a doctor's appointment and go in, do all that stuff. Like I said, I feel great. If it was up to me, I'd be out there playing right now. I want to be out there. I feel unbelievable. I feel 100 percent."

Via Bob Cooney/Philadelphia Daily News

Brett Brown Approaches 76ers' Job With 'Very Long Lens'

Brett Brown left the highly successful San Antonio Spurs to become head coach of a drastic rebuilding experiment with the Philadelphia 76ers.

The 76ers finished 13-14 with the second worse record in the NBA and are expected to struggle again to produce wins this season.

“It is frustrating at times,” said Brown. “We won 50 games every single one of my years in San Antonio. All 12 of them. The motivation I have is I see a big, bright light at the end of all of this. I see daylight. I see Embiid getting healthy. I see some more draft picks coming. I see Nerlens getting older. I see an abundance of money, flexibility to look at free agents. I see daylight.

“For me, it’s about putting the building blocks culturally in place. We have to get our culture right so that when we get these pieces, the foundation is strong enough to grow them.”

The 76ers are hoping Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid and Michael Carter-Williams can develop into All-Star caliber players.

“I feel that trying to coach myself with a very, very long lens is important,” Brown said. “I see daylight in this program. Michael’s 3-point shot, Nerlens’s progression at the foul line, Tony Wroten’s assist-to-turnover ratio, all those types of things are development things that are our measurements this year. That’s our report card and it’s done with a very long lens.”

Via Gary Washburn/Boston Globe

76ers Sign Drew Gordon, Malcolm Lee; Waive Keith Bogans, Jarvis Varnado

The Philadelphia 76ers signed Drew Gordon and Malcolm Lee to their training camp roster on Tuesday while waiving Keith Bogans and Jarvis Varnado.

The 76ers' roster stands at 20 players.

Via RealGM Staff Report

Nerlens Noel Parts Ways With Reebok

Nerlens Noel has parted ways with Reebok after one year with the company in which he didn't play in any NBA games.

Noel signed with Reebok last year in part because of its emphasis on retro looks and designs.

Noel's camp is discussing a new endorsement deal with other brands.

Via Vaughn Johnson/Philadelphia Daily News

Harris Believes 76ers Have Already 'Bottomed'

Josh Harris is happy with the direction of the Philadelphia 76ers, saying that it's "bottomed," but now everything is going up, not down. 

"Year 2 of our long-run plan that we laid out," Harris said. "We're very excited to be here. Just being here, you can feel the difference in terms of the emphasis on player development, the amount of work that's going on, the exciting new players that are running up and down the court, the strength and conditioning that is going on, the focus on nutrition. I feel we've set up the culture well. The basketball side of the house and the business side of the house [are] creating excellence from the bottom up. And we're beginning to see some of the players that we picked."

Harris believes in the vision laid out by Sam Hinkie.

"We're always in a hurry," Harris said. "My philosophy is you're only here for a certain amount of time, so you have to get busy and add value every day. But at the same time, there are no shortcuts to building excellence. It's about putting the right people in place and providing the resource and allowing them to do their job. The practice facility, we'll be starting work on that sometime around the end of the year. It will be the largest in the NBA, it will be the best, state-of-the-art practice facility in the NBA.

"It's taken a little longer, because the coach wanted input, Sam wanted input, and building something excellent takes a little while to plan. But that's a perfect example of how we're going to operate. It's hard to put a time frame on it specifically, but we are going to get better from here. Every season. We've bottomed, and now together we build. It's not going down from here; it's going up."

Via Bob Cooney/Philadelphia Daily News

K.J. McDaniels Agrees Upon One-Year Tender With 76ers As 2nd Round Pick

K.J. McDaniels has agreed upon a one-year, non-guaranteed tender with the Philadelphia 76ers,

McDaniels, who was the 32nd overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, could become a restricted free agent next July.

McDaniels’ agent, Mark Bartelstein, wouldn't accept the 76ers’ structure of two guaranteed contract seasons that included two non-guaranteed seasons in years three and four of the deal. The 76ers have had success using these contracts to control young players’ service and flipping the non-guaranteed seasons into valuable trade chips.

Philadelphia would have to guarantee McDaniels $1.2 million next season to simply avoid allowing him become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

"The 76ers have a philosophy that they're adhering to, and we totally respect that, but it doesn't fit for K.J. and us," Bartelstein told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday morning. "I just totally disagree with the idea of doing a four-year deal that includes a structure of two non-guaranteed years. We think K.J. is going to be a good player, and it came down to doing a one-year deal and letting the market determine his value.

"There's no hard feelings. The Sixers’ philosophy has worked for them. It just doesn't work for us."

McDaniels will make $507,000 this season, which is less than his 2nd round peers, but his ability for significant earning power over the next several years is unmatched among second-round picks.

Via Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

76ers Waive Pierre Jackson

The Philadelphia 76ers have waived Pierre Jackson.

Mark Deeks writes that Jackson will receive a guaranteed $400,00 from the 76ers for this season while he rehabs from an Achilles tear that occured during Summer League.

Via Marc Stein/ESPN

Philadelphia Sixers Archives

Chris Johnson Claimed By 76ers Off Waivers

Chris Johnson was recently waived by the Celtics.

Cavaliers Trade Keith Bogans To 76ers

The Cavaliers will also send a future second-round pick and create a $5.3 million trade exception in the process.

Malcolm Lee To Sign With 76ers

Malcolm Lee played two seasons with the Timberwolves through 2011-13.

RealGM Radio: On The Atlantic Division With Kharpertian, Weiss

Daniel Leroux, work through an eventful off-season in terms of players and coaches alike from the Jason Kidd fiasco to the major New York / Dallas trade that brought Jose Calderon to the Knicks.

JaKarr Sampson Signs Three-Year Deal With 76ers

JaKarr Sampson played for the 76ers in the July NBA summer league.

Devon Collier To Sign With Bnei Herzliya After Declining NBA Camp Deal

Devon Collier has passed on an invitation to NBA training camp to sign a deal with Bnei Herzliya in Israel, sources told RealGM.

Courtney Witte Leaving 76ers To Join Clippers As Scout

Courtney Witte has been the 76ers' director of player personnel for more than a decade and under Sam Hinkie over the past season.

Jordan McRae Signs With Melbourne United

Jordan McRae has signed a contract with Melbourne United in Australia.

Joel Embiid Signs Rookie Deal With 76ers

Joel Embiid signed his rookie scale contract with the 76ers on Tuesday.

76ers Unsure If Joel Embiid Will Play At All This Season

Joel Embiid underwent surgery on his foot in June and the original prognosis was that he would be out 4-6 months.

Hinkie: Acquiring 1st Round Pick Was Key To Trade For 76ers

The 76ers are likely to receive Miami's first round pick in 2015.

Thunder Trade Thabeet To 76ers To Create $1.25M TPE

Hasheem Thabeet will be immediately waived by the 76ers.

Cavaliers Acquire Kevin Love, Send Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett To Timberwolves In Three-Team Deal

The Cavaliers have acquired forward Kevin Love in a three-team trade.

Wolves To Acquire Young From 76ers For Mbah a Moute, Shved, Miami's 1st Rounder

The Wolves will trade Luc Mbah a Moute, Alexey Shved and the first round pick in 2015 belonging to the Heat to the 76ers for Thaddeus Young.

Wolves May Keep Anthony Bennett

The Wolves have reportedly been interested in flipping Anthony Bennett for Thaddeus Young from the 76ers.

Anthony Bennett Focused On Basketball, Not Eventual Destination

Anthony Bennett is expected to be traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers, but his destination is not yet certain.

Nerlens Noel Credits Rondo For Being Biggest Help In Recovery

Nerlens Noel and Rajon Rondo each played collegiately at Kentucky.

76ers To Acquire Anthony Bennett; Thad Young To Wolves As Part Of Love Trade

The 76ers will now have Anthony Bennett, Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams as lottery picks from the 2013 NBA Draft.

Anthony Bennett Could Be Traded To 76ers As Part Of Love Deal

Anthony Bennett could be traded to the 76ers as part of the long anticipated Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love trade.

Cavs, Wolves Have 'Handshake' Deal In Place On Love, Wiggins Trade

The Cavaliers and Wolves have a "handshake" deal in place on a trade of Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love.
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