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76ers Confirm Joel Embiid Will Play In Summer League

Apr 23, 2015 12:25 PM

The Philadelphia 76ers have confirmed that Joel Embiid will play in Summer League.

"He will. Yes, he will," CEO Scott O'Neil responded when asked.

On April 8, Brett Brown would not commit to Embiid playing in the summer leagues.

Embiid missed the entire season following right foot surgery.

Keith Pompey/Philadelphia Inquirer

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Tim Frazier Named D-League's MVP, Rookie Of The Year

Apr 21, 2015 2:14 PM

Maine Red Claws guard Tim Frazier, currently a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, has been selected as both the 2015 NBA Development League’s Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year, as voted on by the league’s 18 head coaches.

Frazier (6-1, 170, Penn State) played in 41 games for the Red Claws, 40 as a starter, averaging 16.1 points, 7.1 rebounds and 9.5 assists, good for second-best in the NBA D-League. Frazier led the NBA D-League with four triple-doubles while also recording 14 double-doubles for Maine. He scored a career-high 34 against the Delaware 87ers on Jan. 3, and led the team in scoring nine times and assists 37 times.

“There’s no question about it, Tim had an MVP-caliber season in Maine this year,” said Malcolm Turner, NBA D-League President. “It takes a special young man to be as consistently dominant as he was this season, and to do it as a rookie is even more impressive. It’s fitting that our coaches recognized his hard work and his talent by selecting him as both the MVP and the Rookie of the Year. We look forward to watching his game continue to mature as his NBA career unfolds.”

RealGM Staff Report

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Joel Embiid Received Fine From 76ers For Missing Rehab Sessions

Apr 18, 2015 1:58 PM

Joel Embiid received a fine from the Philadelphia 76ers for being late and missing multiple rehab sessions this season. The fine is reported as being worth "thousands of dollars."

Embiid is recovering from surgery on his foot and missed the entire season.

Embiid was the third overall pick in last year's draft.

Howard Eskin/Fox29

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Nerlens Noel Unlikely To Play In Summer League

Apr 9, 2015 1:06 PM

Nerlens Noel is unlikely to play in the Summer League this offseason, which means he won't have an opportunity to play with Joel Embiid until the preseason.

"I don't think I want to play him in the summer league," Brett Brown said of Noel. "I don't feel like the need to do that. I think that he'll come and practice with the team. I think there's a lot of logic that you could spin it and say, 'Well, shoot, you're missing opportunities for [Embiid] and Nerlens to play together.' I think it sounds more glamorous than it would need to be. I don't believe that's a must. I see Nerlens coming in and practicing with that team and investing a hell of a lot of time this summer with Joel, but perhaps not in that environment."

Noel has remained remarkably healthy and productive in his delayed rookie season.

Bob Cooney/Philadelphia Daily News

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Nerlens Noel Enjoying Playing With 'First True PG' Ish Smith

Apr 1, 2015 11:11 AM

Nerlens Noel has increased his production significantly since the Philadelphia 76ers' trade of Michael Carter-Williams, which has created a big role for Ish Smith.

In the 20 games since Smith's arrival, Noel has averaged 11.1 shots per game, up from 7.8.

"He finds me whenever I'm open and, honestly, he's the first true point guard I've ever really played with," Noel said Monday. "He said I'm one of the few elite big men that he's played with so I think we complement each other so well."

Carter-Williams would often look for his own shot in pick-and-rolls with Noel. Noel often was caught off-guard by Carter-Williams' passes.

"He making me look good," said Smith. "I know people keep saying [it's me], but he's making me look good. All I have to do is put it somewhere around the rim and he's going to get it. We're still trying to shore up some things. Like in Cleveland, they did a good job in the second half taking the lob away. So we're still trying to figure out how, down the stretch, we can figure out some different things. Coach [Brett Brown] was talking to us about it. We're still trying to work out some kinks.

"I've never really clicked with somebody that quick, that fast. I've never had anybody that I've played with that athletic. Well, Dwight [Howard] was pretty athletic. But Nerlens, he goes and gets everything."

"It's a relationship that is growing," said Brett Brown. "Ish helps Nerlens and the communication that they have is free and just very productive and very healthy between a point guard and a post man. [It's] really encouraging."

Bob Cooney/Philadelphia Daily News

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RealGM Radio: Derek Bodner On The 76ers, NBA Draft

Mar 26, 2015 12:40 AM

In this episode, host Daniel Leroux (@DannyLeroux) talks with Derek Bodner (@DerekBodnerNBA) of DraftExpress and Liberty Ballers about the NBA Draft prospects in the NCAA Tournament and the process for the Philadelphia 76ers. 

They work through the headliners (Jahlil Okafor, Karl Towns, Emmanuel Mudiay and D'Angelo Russell) as well as lottery picks and other players further down on the board while also evaluating Philadelphia's overhaul from Nerlens Noel to their recent trade of Michael Carter-Williams for the Lakers' valuable pick.

Click here to listen or download 

You can also click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

RealGM Staff Report

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Joel Embiid's Needle Going In Right Direction, Will Play Summer League

Mar 25, 2015 1:05 PM

Joel Embiid has been getting back to his normal pregame work after a few games in which it wasn't quite as strenuous.

Embiid had reportedly gained weight earlier in the season, but he's looking fit, toned and explosive.

"He's ticking boxes in regards to increased time on the court, into reduced weight - his body weight is going down," Brett Brown said. "It's a good sign that you're feeling pretty good about yourself. How about that, you see him drenched in sweat, he takes his shirt off. All fantastic signs that his needle is pointing in the right direction. We're trying to set the stage for a great summer. He sees that his reward will be summer league and trying to get ready for playing basketball again. He's most definitely heading in the right direction."

Bob Cooney/Philadelphia Daily News

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Joel Embiid Receives Good News On Foot

Mar 12, 2015 11:56 AM

Joel Embiid received good news on the examination of his surgically repaired foot.

Embiid had an impressive pre-game workout last Friday, but was later seen in a walking boot amid fears of a setback.

Embiid was back to working out normally on Wednesday.

"Everything is right on track," Brett Brown said. "It's healing at the rate we expected. He is allowed to dunk [laughter].

"They've increased the minutes that we can keep him on the floor [up to 60]. There is going to be some discretion that we use, in regards to how long we decide to work him out. We're going to be smart with trying to get his weight down, his conditioning up. Because we just received the news [Tuesday], there will be a plan with more detail in place for him that will be organized with K.J. [trainer Kevin Johnson], [assistant coach] Billy Lange and myself."

Bob Cooney/Philadelphia Daily News

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Joel Embiid In Walking Boot After Setback With Foot

Mar 9, 2015 5:08 PM

Joel Embiid has experienced a "minor setback" with his right foot and is in a walking boot.

Embiid was seen wearing a walking boot on Sunday.

Embiid dunked between his legs during a pregame workout on Friday.

Tom Moore/Calkins Media

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76ers Plan On Using Noel At PF On Defense, Embiid At PF On Offense

Mar 9, 2015 1:31 PM

The Philadelphia 76ers will need to figure out the roles of Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel when they play together to maximize their skill-sets.

Brett Brown believes Noel will play power forward on defense, while Embiid will be more of a power forward on offense.

"(Noel's) role changes quite a bit (when he moves to 4) with pick-and-roll defense," said Brown.

Tom Moore/Calkins Media

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76ers Claim Glenn Robinson III
Glenn Robinson III was waived this week by the Wolves.

Michael Scotto/RealGM

Thomas Robinson: I'm Tired Of Getting Treated Like A Rag Doll In NBA
Thomas Robinson has averaged 9.5 points and 7.3 rebounds in 16.4 minutes (19.0 PER) of play off the bench in four games with the 76ers.

Marcus Hayes/Philadelphia Daily News

76ers Waive JaVale McGee, Allowed To Sign With Playoff Team
JaVale McGee did not have to give any money back to become a free agent.

Sam Amick/USA Today

JaVale McGee Discussing Buyout With 76ers
Chances of JaVale McGee's buyout depend on McGee's ability to find a team to bring him in now.

Marc Stein/ESPN

Joel Embiid Has Improved Conditioning Since Report Of Weighing Nearly 300 Pounds
Joel Embiid was working out before the Philadelphia 76ers' game on Friday and he was moving well, executing jump hooks with either hand and exhibiting good mobility.

Marc Narducci/Philadelphia Inquirer

76ers Claim Thomas Robinson On Waivers
Thomas Robinson was prepared to sign with the Nets if he cleared waivers.

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

Report: 76ers Were Willing To Discuss Trade Of Joel Embiid For 2015 Pick
The 76ers were trying to trade up for a top pick in the 2015 NBA Draft and indicated a willingness to discuss Joel Embiid or any player on their team.

Mark Heisler/

Andrei Kirilenko Signs With CSKA
Andrei Kirilenko said "the time has come to think about ending my career at the professional level" and that he wants to do that at CSKA.


JaVale McGee Wants To Remain With 76ers
JaVale McGee also sees this as an opportunity to mentor rookie centers Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid.

Keith Pompey/Philadelphia Inquirer

76ers Claim Ish Smith, Waive Malcolm Thomas
The 76ers have signed guard Ish Smith after claiming off his waivers.

RealGM Staff Report

Andrei Kirilenko To Sign With CSKA
Andrei Kirilenko and the 76ers agreed upon a buyout this weekend.

David Pick/Eurobasket

Andrei Kirilenko Waived By 76ers
Andrei Kirilenko has been waived by the Philadelphia 76ers.

RealGM Staff Report

76ers Have Strong Interest In Emmanuel Mudiay
The 76ers have already taken a liking to Emmanuel Mudiay, according to Larry Brown.

Marc Narducci/Philadelphia Inquirer

Hinkie: I Believe In Optionality, We Won't Bat 1,000 With Draft Picks
Sam Hinkie helped explain his strategy in trading away Michael Carter-Williams and K.J. McDaniels for draft picks.

Tom Moore/Calkins Media

Sam Hinkie: Important We Continue To Be Aggressive In Ways We Build Roster
The 76ers picked up additional draft assets in exchange for two of their most productive young players.

RealGM Staff Report

76ers Sign Tim Frazier To 2nd 10-Day Contract
Tim Frazier has averaged 5.0 points, 4.7 rebounds and 8.7 assists in 35.7 minutes per game in three appearances with the 76ers.

Marc J. Spears/Yahoo! Sports

76ers Don't Plan On Discussing Buyout With JaVale McGee
JaVale McGee has a contract that owes him $11.2 million this season and $12 million in the 2015-16 season.

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

K.J. McDaniels Traded By 76ers To Rockets
K.J. McDaniels has been traded by the 76ers for Isaiah Canaan and a second round pick.

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

Suns, Bucks, 76ers Agree Upon Knight, Carter-Williams Trade
Brandon Knight and Michael Carter-Williams were traded just before the deadline.

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

76ers Acquire JaVale McGee, 1st Round Pick From Nuggets
JaVale McGee signed a four-year, $44 million contract with the Nuggets in 2012.

Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports

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