With a little over a week until the Trade Deadline, it is time to look at which teams are Buyers, Sellers, Either or Neither. All places in the standings are through 2/7/16.

Atlanta Hawks (4th place): Sellers. The Hawks are in a curious position. Not nearly as good as their unexpected run to the top of the Eastern Conference last season, but still a solid playoff team. However, Atlanta is giving indications they are very willing to trade at least Al Horford and/or Jeff Teague. Perhaps the Hawks have realized they have gone as far as they can with this group and want to cash in on Horford before he leaves as a Free Agent this summer. And moving Teague would open up the starting point guard spot for Dennis Schröder.

Boston Celtics (3rd place): Buyers. Off a string of nice wins, the Celtics have vaulted to the upper half of the Eastern Conference. Danny Ainge has stated he’s willing to deal any of the Celtics assets in the right trade. The Celtics have probably the deepest asset base of any team in the league. Should a difference maker become available, Boston may indeed cash in on those assets and look to challenge the Cavs for the conference title.

Brooklyn Nets (14th place, 14 games out): Sellers. The Nets, without their own first round pick, have no real reason to tank. Yet, selling off what valuable pieces they have makes sense. This year’s pick loss is a sunk cost, but recouping some assets for the future is helpful. Rumors are plentiful that Brooklyn is willing to move Thaddeus Young. The Nets would also happily trade Joe Johnson if the right deal arose even though he's more likely to be bought out. Anything that brings back young talent and/or picks and doesn’t compromise the cap should be considered.

Charlotte Hornets (9th place, 1.5 games out): Either. The Hornets are caught in the middle. They could push for the playoffs, or they could start a brief rebuild by moving pieces. Charlotte hasn’t been healthy all season and is just now starting to get guys back. It seems likely that the Hornets will examine all things and make whatever move positions them best for the future. If that also aids this year’s effort, so much the better.

Chicago Bulls (6th place): Either. The Bulls are sliding. Once seen as the biggest challenger to Cleveland, Chicago has muddled through an injury filled season. Their recent play has dropped them to the bottom half of the playoff picture. If the right offer came along for any of their players not named Jimmy Butler, the Bulls could be tempted to move anyone. Pau Gasol in particular keeps being mentioned as a trade target of several teams.

Cleveland Cavaliers (1st place): Buyers. The Cavaliers will definitely look to add a piece, either through trade before the Deadline or on the buyout market. Possessing a $10.5 million dollar Trade Exception aids Cleveland’s ability to add a nice piece or two. Recent conversations have the Cavs looking for another wing who can shoot and defend. Lots of players of that ilk fit in that TPE, so expect Cleveland to be very active.

Detroit Pistons (8th place): Buyers. The Pistons have hung around the playoff race all year long, ranging from 5th to 8th recently. On a bit of a downswing, Detroit can now see Charlotte closing in from behind. The Pistons would love to add more shooting, either in the form of a stretch 4 or on the wing. The recent injury to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope combined with the injury to Jodie Meeks, has left the Pistons very thin at the SG spot. Armed with the fact that they own all their own future first round picks, expect the Pistons to chase a shooter.

Indiana Pacers (7th place): Buyers. The Pacers will be cautious buyers. They’d love to add another quality big or a backup PG. But, Indiana will not mortgage their future by making a shortsighted trade. The Pacers project to have a large chunk of cap space this summer and no real major free agents to re-sign. Indiana could play it out this season and look to add talent in the summer to complement Paul George and the burgeoning Myles Turner.

Miami Heat (5th place): Buyers. Faced with a large, looming Luxury Tax bill, the Heat will poke around and try to add cost effective pieces. Ideally, Miami would like to send out Chris Andersen or Josh McRoberts to lessen their tax burden in any deal they make. But with a window closing around their veteran pieces, the Heat won’t miss out if they have a chance to add a difference making talent. Keep an eye on them moving Hassan Whiteside if it can make the difference in getting a good piece to South Beach.

Milwaukee Bucks (13th place, 7 games out): Sellers. Last year’s playoff darlings, the Bucks have struggled all year. Several players have bounced in and out of the lineup with injuries. Greg Monroe, once seen as a free agent coup, hasn’t fit in as hoped. The last two major acquisitions, Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams, are both reportedly on the block. The Bucks would like to add a defensive presence at center and a shooter at point guard. Barring finding either of those before the Deadline, Milwaukee will happily trade players for increased cap space this summer.

New York Knicks (12th place, 5 games out): Either. The Knicks aren’t usually known for their patience, or they would firmly be on the Seller side of things. But with increased pressure to make the Playoffs, New York could easily look to add a piece. Rumors have them wanting to acquire Jeff Teague, but whether or not they have the assets remains to be seen. At this point, only Kristaps Prozingis should be considered untouchable, but the remainder of their pieces don’t have a ton of value. They could find takers for Robin Lopez or Arron Afflalo, but it seems more likely that the Knicks will look to add a piece and chase the 8th seed.

Orlando Magic (11th place, 4 games out): Either. The Magic were firmly in position to battle for their first playoff berth since the Dwight Howard years. Then an eight-game losing streak struck and Orlando began to flounder. Armed with a lot of young talent, the Magic seem ripe for a consolidation trade to acquire a true superstar. However, the organization has been unwilling to deal any of their homegrown players. If the Magic were willing to go for it, they should easily be able to add a big time player. The time has certainly come to make a run. 

Philadelphia 76ers (15th place, 18.5 games out): Neither. The 76ers don’t really have any pieces to sell, beyond maybe Robert Covington. Covington provides so much value for what he is paid, that it seems unlikely Philadelphia would trade him. And, at this point, there is no reason to begin adding pieces either. At most, the 76ers might do one more deal where they eat some salary while adding a future pick, but it is increasingly likely Philadelphia just sits this Deadline out.

Toronto Raptors (2nd place): Buyers. The Raptors are firmly entrenched behind Cleveland as the Eastern Conference’s second best team. The challenge for Toronto is deciding if they can close that gap enough that it is worth adding pieces or not. The guess is that they will add a piece or two if it makes sense. Ideally, they would like to add another shooter or a big who can bang bodies at the power forward spot. If a major deal comes along, the Raptors could dangle the Knicks pick in trade talks.

Washington Wizards (10th place, 3.5 games out): Either. The Wizards can add pieces and try to catch the teams in front of them for a playoff spot. Or Washington can move players who aren’t likely to be a part of their future to gain additional assets. No matter what, Washington has been consistent in their goal of not taking on any salary past this season as they conserve space for a pursuit of Kevin Durant. Expect only minor moves from the Wizards no matter what direction they choose.