Cleveland Cavaliers Analysis

J.R. Smith Is Developing Interests Beyond The Hardwood, As We All Should

by Colin McGowan

Aug 26, 2021 5:00 PM

J.R. Smith going back to school and joining its golf team is a fine story for late August, which shouldn't contain much NBA news. Especially coming off a year-and-a-half jammed with more basketball than even the professionals who play it could handle. Read more »

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Ben Simmons, Collin Sexton Hit The Trade Market As Victims Of Unmet Expectations

by Jack Tien-Dana

Jul 18, 2021 4:38 PM

Ben Simmons elicits backlash because he's a star who refuses to conform to stardom while Collin Sexton is a non-star who refuses to acknowledge his non-stardom. Read more »

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Ten-Year NBA Net Rating Rankings (Infographics For All 30 Teams)

by RealGM Staff Report

May 18, 2021 2:30 PM

The Jazz jumped from ninth in Net Rating last season to first in 20-21. Read more »

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Nobody's Supposed To Be Here

by Katie Heindl

Championship teams come apart. Kevin Love and the Cavs both went on grasping at the pieces that were better off burning up in a return to the atmospheric realities of a league that, healthy or not, never stops. Read more »
Kevin Love Continues His Checked Out Tour

by Colin McGowan

It is lousy to watch a sulking and thoroughly bummed out former star imposing his dissatisfaction on everyone else, uncaring and unaware. Read more »
The NBA Will Always Be A Commodities' League

by Colin McGowan

As things are currently set up, franchises have immense control over what players are allowed to do- where they can work, how they work, what they can say, even what they do in their limited spare time. For every James Harden in the league, there's many more Andre Drummonds. Read more »
Collin Sexton's Whole Thing Shouldn't Work

by Colin McGowan

The wildness of Collin Sexton's play is becoming more of a stylistic affectation than something you worry about. Read more »
2020-21 NBA Season Preview: Central Division

by Keith P Smith

While the Bulls, Pistons and Cavaliers are rebuilding, the Pacers are trying to get out of the get of the first round, the Bucks have championship or bust expectations. Read more »
Thirty Futures: Cleveland Cavaliers

by Colin McGowan

When a player demands not to suffer from circumstances he helped create, he's not exactly correct, in any moral sense, but professional sports is not about morals. It's big business, legalized and marginally more civil mafia activity. Read more »
2020 NBA Offseason Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers

by Keith P Smith

Cleveland has young building blocks worth building around and already made their big offseason move by trading for Andre Drummond at the deadline. Read more »
Ten-Year NBA Net Rating Rankings (Infographics For All 30 Teams)

by Christopher Reina

We look at the trajectory of every team in the NBA in terms of how they rank in the category. Read more »
Suspended Indefinitely: Bob Sura Breaks Out

by Colin McGowan

Most of us are, by definition, no more than average, but that doesn't mean we're average all the time, or average the same way everybody else is. Read more »
Suspended Indefinitely: Eric Snow Sticks Around

by Colin McGowan

It was hard to tell if Eric Snow's steadiness was real or invented. You are, especially in your work, as much what others believe about you as anything else. Read more »
John Beilein's Disappointing Stint As NBA Clipboarder-In-Chief

by Colin McGowan

You can already hear the grumbling from John Beilein's brothers in the college ranks that you can't teach NBA players. Except that's so obviously not true. Read more »
Andre Drummond's Continual Cycle Of Optimism And Discouragement

by Colin McGowan

There's something about Andre Drummond. We wouldn't have bothered keeping up with his growth for this long if there wasn't. But what are its precise dimensions? Read more »
Kyrie Irving Will Always Be His Often Wonderful, Sometimes Difficult Self

by Colin McGowan

Kyrie Irving is more annoyance than malignancy, but he is a volume annoyer, impressed with his Wikipedian knowledge of philosophy and art while confusing personality defects with genius. Read more »
The Real Possibility Kevin Love Might Be Stuck

by Colin McGowan

It's been five-plus oddly frictionless years in Cleveland, where Kevin Love has not been a leader or standout performer. Fine and less than fine, are the points between which he's vacillated. Read more »
Thirty Histories: Cleveland Cavaliers

by Colin McGowan

Nobody did right by Darius Miles, and he didn't know how to do right on his own. So of course he ended up struggling, foundering, and eventually fading away. Read more »
2019 Eastern Conference Offseason Chatter From Summer League

by Keith P Smith

With so much turnover this offseason, and another exciting draft class, teams had lots and lots to say. Read more »
What Exactly Does Kyrie Irving Want?

by Micah Wimmer

What Kyrie Irving is striving for remains as opaque as ever. The irony of Irving's move to the Nets is that he now finds himself in a similar situation to the one he was so eager to leave two summers ago. Read more »