Cleveland Cavaliers WiretapCleveland Cavaliers Wiretap

Isaiah Thomas Practices With Cavs For First Time

Nov 21, 2017 12:10 AM

Isaiah Thomas practiced with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first time on Sunday, participating in five-on-none drills.

There has yet to be an update for when Thomas might return with Jan. 1st being the previous target.

"I'm protecting myself, so, even if they wanted me to hurry back, I'm not going to hurry back, just because I've got a long career ahead of me and an important summer as well," Thomas told "So, I've got to make sure I'm 100 percent healthy before I step out on the floor. But these guys have not rushed me one bit. They've taken their time with me and I appreciate that. Because most teams, they want you out there, especially if things aren't going well."

Thomas said the workout he completed Sunday was the "hardest I've run" during his recovery, and it "felt good for the most part."

Joe Vardon/Cleveland Plain Dealer

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LeBron James: My Minutes Aren't A Huge Issue

Nov 21, 2017 12:03 AM

LeBron James has played 40 or more minutes in seven of the Cleveland Cavaliers' 17 games so far this season.

James and Tyronn Lue have defended his work load against criticism from media, fans and even rivals such as Draymond Green.

"Yeah, I hear about that all the time," Lue said. "I played with Michael Jordan when he was 39 he played 37 minutes a night. Karl Malone was 37, played 38 minutes a night, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Kobe. Everybody's built different. If you're one of the greats, sometimes you've got to play, sometimes you get rest like tonight."

James said after Monday's win: "You make so much a big thing about my minutes. It's not a huge issue. But at the end of the day, when we can get a win like this, everybody benefits from it. Not just me. Everybody."

Joe Vardon/Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Derrick Rose Out 2-3 Weeks With Sprained Left Ankle

Nov 17, 2017 7:13 PM

Derrick Rose remains Out with a sprained left ankle.

Rose received additional imaging and evaluation at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health by Cavaliers team physician Dr. James Rosneck and Dr. Brian Donley.

Due to continued symptoms, the ankle will be immobilized in a boot for the next week and he will also undergo an extended treatment process over the next two to three weeks. 

Rose's status will be updated as appropriate.

RealGM Staff Report

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Kevin Durant Felt LeBron 'Passing The Torch' With His Game 3 Shot

Nov 16, 2017 10:57 AM

Kevin Durant's shot in Game 3 over LeBron James stands out as a defining moment of his career. The shot helped the Warriors take a 3-0 lead over the Cavaliers but it was also symbolic for Durant with what James has meant to him personally.

“That was the best moment I ever had,” Durant told GQ. “I made the game-winning shot in the finals against my (expletive) idol. Somebody that I really, really, really followed since I was a ninth-grade high schooler. I felt like he was passing the torch to me.”

James' decision to leave Cleveland for Miami was influential in what Durant decided to do.

“He's four years older than me, so he's still the big homie. But I'm on the same level as a basketball player. Off the court, I can learn a thing from you. But as a basketball player, I feel like it's 1A, 1B. And that's an accomplishment for me.”

Durant said he thinks about his shot over James nearly every day.

“That feeling was amazing,” he said. “But also, I'm gonna put that memory to the side when I start up again and just go play.

“It feels like…it's a weird year,” Durant said. “It is weird. But I still had fun. Right? You can have a weird year and still have fun.”

Durant's decision to join the Warriors in 2016 was as much about personal growth as it was basketball.

“I chose to take control of my life, and I think that was a huge step for me personally, and I felt really proud,” said Durant.

Zach Baron/GQ

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Denver Was Unwilling To Include Jamal Murray For Kyrie Irving

Nov 16, 2017 8:47 AM

The Denver Nuggets would not include Jamal Murray in trade talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving.

If Denver had offered Cleveland a package of Murray, Wilson Chandler and a top-3 protected first round pick for Irving, they would have been in the bidding.

The Nuggets also had trade talks with the Suns for Eric Bledsoe.

Zach Lowe/ESPN

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Cavs See Benefits Of New Travel Schedule

Nov 16, 2017 8:34 AM

The Cleveland Cavaliers have changed their travel schedule and LeBron James believes they are already seeing the benefits.

The Cavaliers finished their four-game road trip with a 3-1 record.

Cleveland chose to stay in the city it played in each night and fly out the next day to remain on a more normal sleep schedule.

"The biggest thing for recovery is sleep," Cavs head athletic trainer Steve Spiro told ESPN. "There isn't anything better and for these guys that are taxing their bodies through travel and through their workload on the court and practice and extra work or whatever, we can have all the technology in the world but obviously a great night's sleep plays a role into performance. There's no doubt about it. So you have to have your finger on the pulse of it."

James immediately endorsed the travel plan.

"We're old, man," said James, who turns 33 next month. "Whenever we get a chance to stay over for the night this season, we have to do that."

Tyronn Lue said the team mapped out its plan to build in more stayover opportunities when the 2017-18 schedule was released in August. 

"That's helped us out," Lue said of the overnight plan. "I think with the schedule, not having as many back-to-backs -- especially having back-to-backs on the road -- that's really tough. So, having that day in between to get rest and then fly to the next city has been good for us."

Dave McMenamin/ESPN

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LeBron: I Haven't Played With Scorer Who Can Also Get Guys Involved For A While

Nov 14, 2017 5:50 PM

The Cleveland Cavaliers have begun the 17-18 season slowly, but that doesn't change LeBron James' goals.

"I'm in win mode still," said James on Saturday.

James is looking forward to playing with Isaiah Thomas, who was acquired to help replace Kyrie Irving.

"It's been a while since I've had that clear-cut guy who can get guys involved but also score at the same time," James told B/R Mag. "But it's fine. It's something that our team will make an adjustment to."

James has played more point guard than ever while waiting for Thomas.

"I'm a student of the game, so I know everywhere I can help, man," Thomas told B/R Mag. "I can help, first off with my aggressiveness and my scoring ability. But just putting pressure on the defense every time down. Being able to get in the paint and make the defense pick and choose what they want to stop. Being able to get to the free-throw line. Little things like that that I see nobody's really doing but Bron."

While the Cavaliers remain favorites to win the East, they are vulnerable.

"They could be a team that gets beat early in the playoffs," said one longtime scout, citing the Cavaliers' aging rotation and lack of athleticism. "I think we're seeing the twilight of that group."

Howard Beck/Bleacher Report

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LeBron James: Knicks 'Very Effective' Without 'Old Fella' Dictating Offense

Nov 14, 2017 11:29 AM

LeBron James praised the way the New York Knicks are playing this season now that Jeff Hornacek isn't being forced to run the triangle by Phil Jackson.

“With the release of the old fella, (Hornacek) is finally allowed to implement what he wants to do on the team, and it’s showing it’s very effective,” said James.

James also took a shot at Jackson for not drafting Dennis Smith Jr.

Jackson made insensitive and dismissive remarks about James' business partners last November.

Jason Lloyd/The Athletic

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Cavs Rejected Pacers' Offer Of Paul George For Kyrie Irving

Nov 13, 2017 3:00 PM

During their trade discussions in June involving Paul George, the Indiana Pacers asked for Kyrie Irving on several occasions and the Cleveland Cavaliers told them he wasn't available.

Irving requested a trade approximately eight days after George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Irving was ultimately dealt to the Boston Celtics.

Brian Windhorst offered the additional reporting details in response to a Frank Isola Tweet about how the Cavaliers attempted to trade Irving to the Pacers.

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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LeBron James: 'No Shade' Intended Towards Frank Ntilikina

Nov 13, 2017 11:34 AM

LeBron James clarified his comments about how the New York Knicks made a mistake in drafting Frank Ntilikina instead of Dennis Smith Jr.

“I wasn’t even thinking about (Ntilikina) when I was talking about Dennis Smith," said James. "I was thinking about just the Knicks organization and Phil Jackson at the time, and Dennis Smith’s talent and (his fit with Kristaps) Porzingis and that’s all I was thinking about.”

James also said he doesn't have any issues with the Knicks' organization.

"I'm a fan of the game as well. It's great when the Knicks, the Celtics and the Lakers are great all at the same time. It's the best for our league."

RealGM Staff Report

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LeBron James: Knicks Made Mistake Passing On Dennis Smith Jr.
The Knicks selected Frank Ntilikina eighth overall in front of the Mavericks at No. 9.

Tim MacMahon/ESPN

Isaiah Thomas Expects To Adjust To LeBron 'Quicker Than Somebody Else Could'
Isaiah Thomas anticipates being able to adjust to playing beside LeBron James more easily than Kyrie Irving did.

Joe Vardon/Cleveland Plain Dealer

Koby Altman Spotted Scouting Luka Doncic
The Cavaliers own the Nets' first round pick in 2018.

David Pick

LeBron James Doesn't Expect Isaiah Thomas To Fix Cavs' Issues
Isaiah Thomas is expected to return in January.

Dave McMenamin/ESPN

Maverick Carter: LeBron James Will Only Play Where He Can Win
Maverick Carter downplayed the possibility of LeBron James signing with the Lakers this offseason.

Michael D. Sykes II/SB Nation

Tristan Thompson Out One Month With Calf Injury
Tristan Thompson sustained the injury in Wednesday's game.

Shams Charania/The Vertical

Cavaliers Hold 'Air-It-Out' Meeting Before Practice
The Cavaliers have a 3-4 record to begin the season.

Dave McMenamin/ESPN

Iman Shumpert Out 5-7 Days With Knee Soreness
Iman Shumpert has no structural damage in his knee.

RealGM Staff Report

LeBron James: I'm Fine, Cavaliers Fine
The Cavs have a 3-3 record to start the season.

Joe Vardon/Cleveland Plain Dealer

LeBron James Changed Shooting Motion Following Elbow Injury
LeBron James' right elbow mysteriously swelled to the size of a tennis ball a few weeks after the 2017 NBA Finals.

Dave McMenamin/ESPN

Cavs Voted 9-1 To Select Anthony Bennett With Chris Grant Lone Nay
Chris Grant was high on Ben McLemore, but he wasn't a clear No. 1 prospect the way Kyrie Irving had been for the Cavaliers in 2011.

Jason Lloyd/The Athletic

Bulls Were Enticed By Idea Of Remaining Relevant By Signing Dwyane Wade
The Bulls' front office was shocked by how Dwyane Wade suddenly became available.

Nick Friedell/ESPN

Kevin Love Was Initially Frustrated With Move To Center
During the first three seasons of Kevin Love's career with the Cavaliers, he started at power forward with Tristan Thompson at center.

Chris Fedor/Cleveland Plain Dealer

Multiple Factors Led Cavaliers To Scrap Kyrie Irving Tribute Video
Several Cavaliers' players were upset by the idea of showing a tribute to Kyrie Irving during the game.

Jason Lloyd/The Athletic

Kyrie Irving's Father Had Issues With Cavaliers During Most Of Tenure
Drederick Irving was often upset with the Cavaliers during Kyrie Irving's six years with the team.

Jason Lloyd/The Athletic

Cavaliers Finalizing Two-Way Deal With London Perrantes
London Perrantes was with the Spurs during training camp.

Shams Charania/The Vertical

LeBron James Wants To Be 'At Top Of Food Chain' Longer Than Anyone In NBA History
LeBron James was asked he he thought he might be considered greater than Michael Jordan by most people.

Marc Anthony Green/GQ

Kay Felder, Richard Jefferson Waived By Hawks
The Hawks acquired a pair of second round picks from the Cavaliers for taking on Kay Felder and Richard Jefferson.

RealGM Staff Report

Cavaliers Waive Kendrick Perkins
The Cavaliers' roster now stands at 15.

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

Cavs Trade Richard Jefferson, Kay Felder To Hawks
Atlanta is likely to release both Richard Jefferson and Kay Felder.

RealGM Staff Report