New York Knicks WiretapNew York Knicks Wiretap

MSG Networks, Overtime To Create Simulcast Aimed Towards Generation Z

Mar 16, 2019 1:20 PM

MSG Networks will debut a simulcast on MSG+ during tomorrow's game between the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers called by Overtime announcers. The pop culture-friendly simulcast is aimed at engaging younger audiences. 

"I think people still want to watch the game, they still want to understand what’s going on and those things ring true of traditional broadcasts. But they want the people on screen to maybe be a little bit more relatable, be able to incorporate more things about pop culture and ultimately, too, feel a little more like their friend," said Overtime co-founder Zack Weiner.

MSG Networks senior vice president of marketing and content Kevin Marotta said the partnership represents an opportunity for his company to reach the Generation Z demographic.

“It was not necessarily, ‘We need to do something for young people,’ but it was, ‘How do we start to engage this audience for the future?’ There’s a recognition that there are some brands out there who do it really well. That sort of led us down the path with Overtime," said Marotta.

Mike Piellucci/Front Office Sports

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James Dolan Expects Knicks To Have 'Very Successful Offseason From What We've Heard'

Mar 13, 2019 7:12 AM

James Dolan revealed the New York Knicks have already heard from players and their representatives expressing interest in joining the franchise this offseason.

The Knicks have been linked with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

“No, look, New York is the mecca of basketball,” Dolan said. “We hear from people all the time, from players, representatives. It’s about who wants to come. We can’t respond because of the NBA rules, but that doesn’t stop them from telling us and they do.

“I can tell you from what we’ve heard I think we’re going to have a very successful offseason when it comes to free agents. The thing about the team now is that it’s very young. It’s the youngest team in the NBA. You take a look at some of the players that we have and they won’t be the centerpiece of the team, but as complements to the centerpiece of the team, we’re developing them right now.”

Dolan was asked if he expects the best available free agents to sign with the Knicks.

“Yes, I do think that,” he said. “I think we offer a pretty good situation for them. One, is a lot of them love New York. A bunch of them live in New York in the offseason. They know the team. They know [David Fizdale] really well. They know Steve [Mills) and they know Scott [Perry]. I think they’re fairly confident about the organization.

“Players who are free agents want to go to a winner and they want to get paid. We’re definitely going to pay them. And we think with them combined with the kids that we have, that we can build a winning team.”

Steve Popper/Newsday

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James Dolan: I'm Not Selling Knicks, I'm Not Quitting

Mar 12, 2019 7:20 PM

James Dolan stood by his decision to confront a fan who was heckling him at Madison Square Garden.

The fan yelled "sell the team!" at Dolan as the owner of the New York Knicks was entering the tunnel to exit the main bowl of the arena.

“For the record, I’m not selling the team and I’m not quitting,” said Dolan. 

Previous reports have suggested Dolan could have interest in selling the Knicks. Dolan stressed he wouldn’t sell even if someone offered him as much as $6 billion.

“We’re not quitting. We’re not selling,” he said. “And we believe we’re going to bring a winner home.”

Dolan explained his side of the confrontation.

“I do understand for the fans it’s about winning and losing and we haven’t been doing much winning. And there’s a real big frustration level there. We get it. I don’t like losing either,” Dolan said. “If you want to go right into [Saturday’s] incident, it’s pretty easy. It appears this gentleman and his friends planned to do this. Just before the game they cleared their profiles out. We have video which shows them moving from one side of the arena to the other and pointing at me, where I was walking, to set this ambush up and they did. As soon as they were done with it, it was immediately sold to TMZ.

“Not for nothing, I shouldn’t have taken the bait,” he said. “I will say we had just lost, again, and believe it or not I get frustrated with it, too. … I don’t mind. You hear all kinds of stuff, but what is a problem is when someone becomes confrontational. These people clearly were there for a confrontation.”

Dolan admitted he wouldn't kick out everyone if more fans chanted the same thing at him.

“The ban is only coming from the fact that he planned it. They were stalking me,” Dolan said.

Peter Botte/New York Post

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James Dolan Responds To Fan Yelling 'Sell The Team'

Mar 10, 2019 8:31 AM

James Dolan responded to heckler who asked him to sell the New York Knicks at the end of Saturday's loss to the Sacramento Kings.

"Sell the team," said a fan to Dolan as he exited the arena.

“You want to not come to any more games?” Dolan can be heard telling the fan. “That’s rude.”

He then added: “Enjoy watching them on TV.”

According to witnesses, two cops and security identified and questioned the fan before he was asked to leave Madison Square Garden.

“Our policy is and will continue to be that if you are disrespectful to anyone in our venues, we will ask you not to return,” the Madison Square Garden Company said in a statement to the Daily News.

There have been reports in December and again in February that Dolan is considering a sale of the Knicks. MSG has denied those reports.

Andy Clayton/New York Daily News

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Windhorst: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving Were Like 'A Middle School Couple' At ASG

Mar 8, 2019 6:14 PM

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have been linked with signing with the New York Knicks over the past few weeks. Irving and Durant were teammates at the All-Star Game and shared a lengthy, public conversation after Boston's win at Golden State this week.

"I was talking to some people who were with "Team Free Agent", I mean "Team LeBron" at All-Star," said Brian Windhorst. "And they said that Kyrie and KD were like a middle school couple that weekend. Eating together... Doing drills together at practice.

"'I'll rebound for you. You rebound for me. I'll post you up. You post me up.'

"They went to Miami together after the weekend."

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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Kristaps Porzingis Would Welcome Playing With Kevin Durant On Mavericks

Mar 5, 2019 4:51 PM

The camp of Kristaps Porzingis has privately refuted the suggestion he wasn't interested in playing with Kevin Durant. The New York Knicks will pursue Durant this offseason and their trade of Porzingis helped create two max slots.

Zach Lowe reported on a podcast that "Durant wasn't psyched about playing with Durant." 

The Dallas Mavericks intend to pursue Durant in free agency and Porzingis would welcome him to their team.

Frank Isola/The Athletc

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Kyrie Irving Has Grown 'Disengaged, Detached' From Celtics

Mar 5, 2019 10:26 AM

According to sources close to the team, Kyrie Irving's "persona has changed." Irving has reportedly become "disengaged and detached from those around the team."

Sources say the change began in early February around the time he was asked about the possibility of signing with the New York Knicks.

Irving's closest friend on the Boston Celtics is Jayson Tatum, who also went to Duke and is represented by Jeffrey Wechsler

Before the start of the season, Irving told a gathering of season-ticket holders of the Celtics that he intended to re-sign with the team as a free agent. Sources say Irving also expressed the same commitment to his teammates.

Kevin O'Connor/The Ringer

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Mitchell Robinson Says He Can Average 'Around 6' Blocks Per Game

Mar 2, 2019 12:28 AM

Mitchell Robinson, who is averaging 5.5 blocks per-36 minutes in 2019, says he can get up to 6 blocks per game with increased playing time.

"Probably around six. I feel like I can do around six," said Robinson, who's averaging 18 minutes per game off the bench.

David Fizdale called the 20-year-old Robinson an elite shot-blocker.

“I’m not putting a ceiling on him. If he believes it, I’m with him. He’s showing that he’s an elite shot-blocker. Obviously, I’m going to keep trying to grow him and build him up where he’s going to play more and more minutes. But the sky’s the limit for that kid.”

Tommy Beer/Forbes

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Knicks To Sign Henry Ellenson To Two-Year Deal

Feb 28, 2019 11:15 AM

The New York Knicks will sign Henry Ellenson to a two-year deal once his 10-day contract expires.

Ellenson's deal with the Knicks will include a team option for the 19-20 season.

Ellenson was waived by the Detroit Pistons in early February.

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

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Kristaps Porzingis Wasn't 'Psyched' To Play With Kevin Durant

Feb 24, 2019 11:57 AM

Kristaps Porzingis was wary of potentially having to share the spotlight with Kevin Durant if Durant were to have signed with the New York Knicks this summer, according to Zach Lowe.

"I’m confident after talking to a lot of people, I don't think he was psyched about playing with Durant. I don't know how directly that was verbalized to the Knicks, but I'm confident that it wasn't something that was like his Plan A," said Lowe on a recent podcast.

Lowe added that Porzingis "wanted to be the face of the franchise" in New York before eventually getting traded to the Mavericks. 

Phillip Barnett/Warriors Wire

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Knicks Sign John Jenkins To Two-Year Deal
John Jenkins has averaged 10.5 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 17.5 minutes over his first two games with the Knicks.

Shams Charania/The Athletic

MSG Denies Speculation Of James Dolan 'Courting Offers For Knicks'
The Knicks are believed to be worth $4 billion.

Ian Begley/ESPN

Kristaps Porzingis Had Nets, Clippers, Heat, Raptors On Trade Wish List
Kristaps Porzingis didn't have the Mavericks on his wish list.

Marc Stein/New York Times

Knicks Also Pursued Marvin Bagley In Kristaps Porzingis Trade
The Kings were not interested in discussing a deal involving Marvin Bagley for Porzingis.

Marc Stein/New York Times

Kevin Durant's Thirty Five Ventures Moving Into New York Office
Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman refer to each other as "my best friend" and sometimes even "brother."

Ramona Shelburne/ESPN

Knicks Delete Image Of Kevin Durant In Pitch To Season Ticket Holders
Kevin Durant will be a free agent this offseason and the Knicks are expected to pursue him.

Ian Begley/ESPN

Knicks Valued At $4 Billion, Most Valuable Team In NBA According To Forbes
The average NBA team is worth $1.9 billion.

Kurt Badenhausen & Mike Ozanian/Forbes

Knicks Sign John Jenkins To 10-Day Contract
Jenkins had recently signed a 10-day contract with the Wizards.

Shams Charania/The Athletic

Knicks Agree To Buyout With Enes Kanter
Enes Kanter was on an expiring contract.

Shams Charania/The Athletic

Wesley Matthews Agrees To Buyout With Knicks, Plans To Sign With Pacers
The Pacers have a hole in the backcourt following Victor Oladipo's season-ending injury.

Shams Charania/The Athletic

Knicks To Buyout Wesley Matthews, Keep DeAndre Jordan
Wesley Matthews is expected to receive interest from the Pacers, Warriors and Rockets.

Marc Stein/New York Times

Anthony Davis Has Knicks On Same Level As Lakers On Wish List
The Knicks' ability to pursue two superstar free agents has resonated with Anthony Davis.

Marc Stein/New York Times

Enes Kanter, Knicks Expected To Open Buyout Talks After Deadline
Enes Kanter is on an $18.6 million expiring contract.

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

Kevin Durant Expected To Be Viewed As NBA's Best Player After Beating LeBron In 2017
Kevin Durant voiced how he was "tired of being second" all the way back in 2013.

Ethan Sherwood Strauss/The Athletic

Kevin Durant Potentially Signing With Knicks 'Has Never Felt More Real' To Warriors
Rival executives believe that the Knicks have good inside information about their ability to sign both Durant and Kyrie Irving this summer.

Marc Stein/The NY Times

Kristaps Porzingis Had Nets, Clippers On Trade List But Not Mavericks
The agent for Kristaps Porzingis provided a list of four teams he preferred a trade to before the deadline.

Marc Stein/New York Times

Knicks Sought De'Aaron Fox, Donovan Mitchell In Kristaps Porzingis Trade Talks
The Knicks spent much of January looking for Kristaps Porzingis trade scenarios.

Marc Stein/New York Times

Kristaps Porzingis Planned To Sit Out Entire 2018-19 Season
Porzingis said he planned on taking 20 months off to rehab his ACL injury,

Marc Berman/NY Post

Kevin Durant Has Avoided Post-Game Interviews Since Kristaps Porzingis Trade
The Warriors haven't provided an official explanation.

Mark Medina/San Jose Mercury News

Anthony Davis Has Lakers, Knicks, Bucks, Clippers On List
Anthony Davis has a list of four teams he's willing to sign with long-term.

Shams Charania/The Athletic