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Kawhi Leonard, Spurs Have 'Tremendous Disconnect Right Now'

Feb 23, 2018 4:34 PM

The comments by Gregg Popovich to the media that Kawhi Leonard could miss the remainder of the season despite being medically cleared to play signalled a shift in how the Spurs are handling the situation.

"When Pop came out sort of that first media availability on Wednesday after All-Star break, and it was described to me as people who know Pop very well, that they felt he was speaking to an audience of one in that availability. That he was talking directly to Kawhi," said Adrian Wojnarowski on The Woj Pod.

"Essentially he said, 'well at this point I don't expect him to play and if he's going to play, this needs to happen soon because we'll be faced with a very tough decision: at what point is it too late to try to bring him back into the team?'

"For the first time you could see the public exacerbation of Pop on this issue. It has been a private frustration there. I thought it was the first day you could see it. This continues on and I think his future in San Antonio if he doesn't come back and play this year, or if he comes back in a very limited way. He'll be a year away from free agency, I think his future is going to have to be addressed there."

Wojnarowski reported that it has been surprising considering the previous relationship Leonard has had with the Spurs before this injury.

"It has created an incredible amount of stress around the organization, front office, coaching staff, teammates. I think Pop was talking to the players the other day (as well)."

Leonard spent several days in New York as he sought additional opinions on his injured quad.

"I think the question people are wondering and the question being asked is 'does he want to be there? Does he want to play there?'

"He could clear this up and answer these questions. He hasn't done that," said Wojnarowski. "That's part of some of the issues here. He's not communicative. That's been something since the very beginning. Maybe he's gotten a little better in that area, but he's a person who is just private, shy. Even with his teammates, doesn't say much. With his coach. I think that's contributed to this because I don't know if he expresses always what he might be at odds with or what the issue is, but there's no question there is a tremendous disconnect between (Kawhi) and the team right now."

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

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Kawhi Leonard In Control Of Whether He Returns To Play This Season

Feb 21, 2018 11:37 PM

The San Antonio Spurs are allowing Kawhi Leonard to make the decision on whether or not he plays this season.

Leonard spent 10 days before the All-Star break consulting with a specialist on his right quad injury.

Leonard has been medically cleared to return from the right quad tendinopathy injury, but since shutting down a nine-game return that ended Jan. 13, he has elected against returning to the active roster.

If Leonard returns this season, it will be because he can manage the pain of the injury.

Gregg Popovich told reporters Wednesday that he would be "surprised" if Leonard returns this season.

Leonard's injury and rehab has complicated his relationship with the Spurs.

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

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Spurs Expect Kawhi Leonard To Miss Remainder Of Season

Feb 21, 2018 6:16 PM

Kawhi Leonard may miss the remainder of the season with his ongoing quadriceps tendinopathy.

After the Spurs' first practice back after the All-Star break, Gregg Popovich told reporters he would be surprised if Leonard returns this season.

"I'll be surprised if he returns this season," said Popovich. "We only have X number of games left in the season and he's still not ready to go, and if by some chance he is, it will be pretty late in the season and it will be a tough decision. I'll be surprised if he gets back this year."

The Spurs are not yet prepared to officially rule him out for the season.

"We have to move on and the team has to realize this is who we are, this is who we have and this is who is going to play," said Popovich.

Leonard has played in only 9 games this season, averaging 16.2 points, 4.7 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game.

Leonard was ruled out indefinitely on January 17th.

On January 22nd, ESPN reported Leonard and the Spurs have had friction over how his injury has been handled.

Leonard will be eligible to sign a designated veteran player extension this offseason as he was an All-NBA player in two of the past three seasons.

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

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LaMarcus Aldridge, Al Horford Were Last Picks In ASG Draft

Feb 17, 2018 9:53 AM

LaMarcus Aldridge and Al Horford were the final selections by LeBron James and Stephen Curry in the 2018 NBA All-Star draft.

"I'm not a flashy player," Aldridge said. "That's OK.

"We're all All-Stars, so, at the end of the day, we should be thankful to be here. Picked first, picked last, it doesn't matter. We're all competitive, too. It won't be the easiest thing to be picked last, but at the end of the day, you're just happy to be here."

Team LeBron held the first and final picks in the draft.

Said Curry: "I think the draft itself would be amazing on TV just to hear the back-and-forth between the captains and see how the teams fill out. But we have to protect our guys' [dignity]. That's the biggest thing."

Chris Haynes/ESPN

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Spurs Won't Be Sold Despite Divorce Of Peter, Julianna Holt

Feb 13, 2018 9:37 AM

Julianna Hawn Holt has filed for divorce from her husband Peter Holt.

The Holts are the owners of the San Antonio Spurs.

"The franchise is safe," Hawn Holt told KSAT-12 in a statement. "We are dedicated and committed to continued success."

Hawn Holt filed for divorce on Dec. 22 on the grounds that the marriage had become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities between her and her husband "that destroy the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation."

The Holts married in 1985 and became the largest shareholders of the Spurs in 1996.

Peter Holt relinquished control of the franchise to his wife in 2016 and has since been out of the public eye.

Greg Simmons/KSAT

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Forbes Values Average NBA Franchise At $1.65 Billion

Feb 7, 2018 10:47 AM

The New York Knicks remain the NBA's most valuable franchise for the third straight season, according to Forbes' annual report.

The Knicks are valued at $3.6 billion, which is an increase of nine percent from 2017.

The Los Angeles Lakers rank second at $3.3 billion, an increase of 10 percent.

The Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics round out the top-5.

The average NBA franchise is now worth a record $1.65 billion, up 22% over last year, and more than triple the figure of five years ago. 

Every NBA team is valued at $1 billion or more for the first time in league history.

“Investor interest in the NBA is enormous right now,” said Forbes’ senior editor Kurt Badenhausen, “thanks to the league’s strong current economic environment, as well as the international growth prospects, which are the best of any major U.S. sports league.”

1. Knicks: $3.6 billion (+9%)
2. Lakers: $3.3 billion (+10%)
3. Warriors: $3.1 billion (+19%)
4. Bulls: $2.6 billion (+4%)
5. Celtics: $2.5 billion (+14%)
6. Nets: $2.3 billion (+28%)
7. Rockets: $2.2 billion (+33%)
8. Clippers: $2.15 billion (+7%)
9. Mavericks: $1.9 billion (+31%)
10. Heat: $1.7 billion (+26%)
11. Spurs: $1.55 billion (+32%)
12. Raptors: $1.4 billion (+24%)
13. Kings: $1.375 billion (+28%)
14. Wizards: $1.35 billion (+35%)
15. Cavaliers: $1.325 billion (+10%)
16. Blazers: $1.3 billion (+24%)
17. Suns: $1.28 billion (+16%)
18. Thunder: $1.25 billion (+22%)
19. Magic: $1.225 billion (+33%)
20. Jazz: $1.2 billion (+32%)
21. 76ers: $1.18 billion (+48%)
22. Pacers: $1.175 billion (+34%)
23. Hawks: $1.15 billion (+30%)
24. Nuggets: $1.125 billion (+26%)
25. Pistons: $1.1 billion (+22%)
26. Bucks: $1.075 billion (+37%)
27. Wolves: $1.06 billion (+38%)
28. Hornets: $1.05 billion (+35%)
29. Grizzlies: $1.025 billion (+30%)
30. Pelicans: $1 billion (+33%)


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Tony Parker Prioritizing Remaining With Spurs

Feb 2, 2018 10:37 AM

Tony Parker is in the last season of a three-year, $43 million contract he signed with the Spurs in 2015.

"I want to stay," Parker told the Express-News. "My priority is to stay here. I want to stay here for sure."

Parker recently lost his starting job to Dejounte Murray. 

Parker was asked if he will indeed stay with the Spurs, putting what he wants aside.

"That's Pop's decision," Parker responded, "but yes, I want to stay here."

Parker ruptured his left quadriceps tendon during last season's playoffs.

"My priority is to stay with the Spurs," said Parker. "We'll see."

Jabari Young/San Antonio Express-News

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Spurs Interested In Trading for Stanley Johnson, Willy Hernangomez

Feb 2, 2018 10:10 AM

The San Antonio Spurs have interest in trading for Stanley Johnson and Willy Hernangomez.

San Antonio assistant general manager Brian Wright held the same position with the Pistons when they drafted Johnson.

Hernangomez has been mentioned in trade rumors this season as the Knicks have excess depth at center.

Michael Scotto/The Athletic

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Warriors, Spurs, Heat Atop LeBron James' List, Won't Rule Out Lakers, Rockets, Cavs

Feb 1, 2018 11:40 AM

LeBron James would listen to the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs if they open up a max slot. James would also consider the Miami Heat to a lesser degree. James has the most respect for those three franchises.

James wouldn't rule out the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets, as well as re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James won't consider signing with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Chris Haynes/ESPN (via Jorge Sedeno)

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Popovich Dismisses Suggestion Kawhi Leonard Situation Has Become 'Soap Opera'

Jan 24, 2018 10:43 AM

Gregg Popovich dismissed the suggestion from a local reporter that the Spurs are currently experiencing a "soap opera" due to reports of Kawhi Leonard's frustrations with the franchise.

Multiple league sources described Leonard and his representatives as being "distant" and "disconnected" from the Spurs.

"I don't even know why you say it's a soap opera," Popovich said. "Some people wrote some articles. I understand it, but soap opera? It's a soap opera if we talk about it every day, I guess. I don't get it. We won't talk about it. There's nothing to talk about other than what we've already said.

"The rehab is going slower than we expected. We wish it were going more quickly. If we're going to err, as we have in the past, we're going to do it on the conservative side. We kept Timmy Duncan out of the playoffs one year because of a knee, and he could have played. So I don't see this as anything different than we've done with any other player. But some people for some reason want to do that. That's OK. But that doesn't affect my team or me or anybody else."

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

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Report: Kawhi Leonard Wants Out Of San Antonio
Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs have developed a strained relationship over the past few months.

Jalen Rose/ESPN

Report: Kawhi Leonard, Spurs Have Discord Over Injury
Beyond the current rehab, there are issues that need to be discussed to repaired between Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs.

Adrian Wojnarowski, Michael C. Wright/ESPN

Spurs Replace Tony Parker In Starting Lineup With Dejounte Murray
Tony Parker hadn't come off the bench for a game since the 2010 playoffs against Dallas.

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

Kawhi Leonard Out Indefinitely Continuing Quad Rehab
Kawhi Leonard has played in only nine games this season.

RealGM Staff Report

Gregg Popovich Reveals LaMarcus Aldridge Requested Trade In Offseason
LaMarcus Aldridge signed an extension worth $72 million over three years.

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

Kawhi Leonard Diagnosed With Partial Tear In Shoulder
The Spurs plan to evaluate Kawhi Leonard over the next couple of days of its current road trip.

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

Spurs Tried Really Hard To Trade For Kyrie Irving
The Spurs' main trade chips in the offseason were LaMarcus Aldridge and Danny Green.

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN (via Ramona Shelburne)

Rudy Gay Out At Least Two Weeks With Heel Injury
An MRI showed the inflammation of the bursa sac that lies over the heel of Rudy Gay.


Kawhi Leonard To Make Season Debut
Kawhi Leonard will be one a minutes restriction.

RealGM Staff Report

Kawhi Leonard Probable For Tuesday's Game
The Spurs are 19-8 despite missing Kawhi Leonard for the entire season.

RealGM Staff Report

Kawhi Leonard Targeting Tuesday For Season Debut
Kawhi Leonard has yet to play this season due to a quad injury.

Adrian Wojnarowski, Michael C. Wright/ESPN

Kawhi Leonard Expected To Make Season Debut On Saturday
Kawhi Leonard participated in a final workout session on Thursday.

Jabari Young/San Antonio Express-News

Spurs Wish They Could Have Kept Udonis Haslem In 2003
Udonis Haslem was on the Spurs' Summer League team in 2003 but they didn't have a roster spot for him.

Jeff McDonald/San Antonio Express-News

Kawhi Leonard Could Return This Week
Kawhi Leonard has returned to five-on-five action and is "feeling pretty healthy."

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

Kyle Anderson Out 2-3 Weeks With Sprained MCL
The Spurs have been starting Kyle Anderson in place of Kawhi Leonard.

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

Kyle Anderson Likely Suffers Strained MCL
Kyle Anderson will undergo an MRI on Monday for further clarity on the injury and a timetable for return.

Royce Young, Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

Kawhi Leonard Returns To Practice For First Time Since Quad Injury
Kawhi Leonard practiced with the Spurs for the first time on Friday.

Jeff McDonald/San Antonio Express-News

Tony Parker Returning From Quad Injury On Monday
Tony Parker was initially expected to return in January from his surgically repaired quad.

RealGM Staff Report

Damian Lillard Wishes He Received More Mentorship From LaMarcus Aldridge
Damian Lillard said his working relationship with LaMarcus Aldridge informed how he treats Jusuf Nurkic.

Jason Quick/NBC Sports

David Lee Announces Retirement From NBA
David Lee spent last season with the Spurs and had remained unsigned this season.