San Antonio Spurs WiretapSan Antonio Spurs Wiretap

Steve Kerr: Spurs Were Like A Football Team Before Manu Ginobili Arrived

Apr 21, 2018 5:30 PM

Manu Ginobili joined a Spurs' team in 2002 that perennially won 50 games but hadn't reached The Finals since 1999.

Steve Kerr believes Ginobili gave Gregg Popovich and the Spurs a new element with his creativity. Kerr spent the majority of seasons late in his career with the Spurs.

“We were a vanilla team,” Kerr said. “Very successful, but we were like a football team that just ran the ball every play, played great defense, won the special teams battle. There was nothing exciting about us. Manu came up and sort of shook up the organization in a good way, shook up Pop, changed the way he looked at the game. We needed that creativity, that fire.”

“Changed the culture of basketball, in my opinion, even if it doesn't get talked about,” Kevin Durant said. “Changed what the Sixth Man (award) means. A lot of people think he's from Europe, which he's not. South America. But all the guys I played with from Venezuela, Argentina, all the guys in the league just bring that toughness and that fight. Manu's one of those guys that means more to the game than people think.”

Anthony Slater/The Athletic

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David Fizdale, Ettore Messina To Interview With Hornets

Apr 21, 2018 4:08 PM

The Charlotte Hornets will interview David Fizdale and Ettore Messina for their head coaching vacancy in the coming days.

Fizdale was fired by the Grizzlies as head coach early this season.

Messina is currently Gregg Popovich's top assistant coach with the Spurs.

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

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Gregg Popovich To Miss Game 4

Apr 21, 2018 2:34 PM

Gregg Popovich will not coach the Spurs in Game 4 against the Spurs.

Popovich also missed Game 3 following the passing of his wife, Erin Popovich.

Ettore Messina will fill in for Popovich as he did Game 3.

"I think, of course, that it's a tough situation," Messina said Saturday. "But the first thing is to free our minds and realize that if you watch the [video] of the last game, we had more points in the paint. We had more free throws. We won the boards.

"Against a fantastic team like they are, we know what we're playing against. Doing everything a little bit better will be, of course, the key. I think the team is ready to play and compete. You can't get frustrated. You've got to get back on the court and try to prove everybody wrong."


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Multiple Execs Expect Lakers To Pursue Trade For Kawhi Leonard

Apr 19, 2018 1:06 PM

At least one NBA executive believes the Los Angeles Lakers will pursue a trade for Kawhi Leonard this offseason and that he would like to play in the area he grew up.

Leonard would give up an opportunity to sign a supermax contract extension if he decides he wants to leave the Spurs.

“I think they go in hard for Leonard once the season is over and once the dust settles in San Antonio,” one executive told Sporting News. “(Leonard) wants to go to LA. There probably won’t be public demands on that, but he has leverage. He is going to be a free agent (in 2019). He’s an LA guy and he can just let teams know he won’t re-sign next year with anyone but the Lakers.”

The Celtics and 76ers could also put a compelling package together for Leonard.

“I would say that’s the most likely thing,” another general manager told Sporting News. “He’s going to be their target any way you look at it, this summer or next summer. There’s not many other ways to explain what’s been going on with that situation other than him trying to get out of San Antonio.”

Sean Deveney/Sporting News

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Ettore Messina To Coach Spurs In Game 3

Apr 19, 2018 11:41 AM

Ettore Messina will serve as head coach for the San Antonio Spurs in Game 3 against the Warriors.

Gregg Popovich's wife, Erin Popovich, passed away on Wednesday.

The Spurs trail 2-0 to the Warriors in their first round series.

RealGM Staff Report

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Gregg Popovich's Wife Passes Away

Apr 18, 2018 8:27 PM

Gregg Popovich's wife, Erin Popovich, passed away on Wednesday.

The Popovichs were married for four decades.

"We mourn the loss of Erin," said RC Buford. "She was a strong, wonderful, kind, intelligent woman who provided love, support and humor to all of us." 

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Erin Popovich had been battling a lengthy illness. 

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

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Report: Kawhi Leonard Not Replying To Spurs For Weeks

Apr 18, 2018 12:58 AM

Kawhi Leonard's ongoing rehab in New York has created tension with the Spurs where his future with the franchise remains uncertain.

Leonard has reportedly been infrequently communicating with the Spurs.

Leonard has been going "weeks without responding to any of the club's calls and texts", according to a report from Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee.

An updated version of Voisin's piece was changed to the following that eliminated that anecdote:

"He occasionally texts with some of his teammates, but according to Gasol leaves others in the dark."

Ailene Voisin/Sacramento Bee

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Source: Spurs Continue To Give Signals They Won't Consider Trading Kawhi Leonard

Apr 17, 2018 5:52 PM

While the San Antonio Spurs figure to receive interest from rival teams who would like to trade for Kawhi Leonard, it remains to be seen whether they will entertain a move.

The Spurs can offer Leonard a supermax contract extension of $219 million over five years.

Leonard has remained away from the Spurs during the past few weeks as he rehabs in New York.

"One well-placed insider who has closely monitored this situation told me recently that the Spurs continue to give off signals behind the scenes that they won't trade Leonard," wrote Marc Stein. "I'm sure they want Leonard to believe that, but this saga has reached the point that a trade has to be considered no less likely than the prospect of a Pop/Kawhi summit that leads to a detente."

Marc Stein/New York Times

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Gregg Popovich: LaMarcus Aldridge Plays Through Everything

Apr 17, 2018 9:28 AM

Gregg Popovich lauded the play of LaMarcus Aldridge as the Spurs face the Warriors without Kawhi Leonard.

"He doesn't complain about a darn thing," said Popovich of Aldridge. "He plays through everything. I can't imagine being more proud of a player as far as playing through adversity and being there for his teammates night after night after night."

Aldridge had 34 points, 12 rebounds and three assists in San Antonio's Game 2 loss. The Spurs gave the Warriors a close battle until the heavy favorites pulled away in the fourth quarter.

Aldridge's future with the Spurs was uncertain last offseason as he sought a trade, but Popovich was able to adjust their relationship. Aldridge instead signed a three-year, $72 million contract extension.

Ben Golliver/Sports Illustrated

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LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard Could Impact Each Other's Offseason Destination

Apr 16, 2018 10:15 PM

While LeBron James will be a free agent this offseason, the most interesting story could be the future of Kawhi Leonard.

The San Antonio Spurs could entertain trading Leonard this offseason if they don't sign him to a five-year supermax.

"What happens to Kawhi Leonard, is a link to what happens to LeBron," said Brian Windhorst on ESPN's SportsNation.

"Where Kawhi ends up this season, will have a direct impact on where LeBron ends up even if they don't play together. They will be linked in where their futures will be."

Windhorst added that the Lakers could approach the Spurs on a trade offer for Leonard. Windhorst also mentioned that James has the ability to complete an opt-in-and-trade similar to what Chris Paul did with the Clippers to get to the Rockets.

Brian Windhorst/ESPN

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Hornets Receive Permission To Interview Ettore Messina
Ettore Messina has been an assistant coach with the Spurs since 2014.

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

Clippers Planning To Pursue Trade For Kawhi Leonard
It is not clear what the Clippers could offer that would trump probable offers from rival teams.

Sam Amick/USA Today

Execs Believe Spurs May Not Offer Full Supermax To Kawhi Leonard
League sources have criticized how the Spurs have handled Kawhi Leonard's ongoing injury issues.

Jabari Young/San Antonio Express-News

Kawhi Leonard Likely Out For Remainder Of Playoffs
Kawhi Leonard has made strides recently in training and is focused on regaining his full health.

Shams Charania/Yahoo! Sports

Kawhi Leonard Still Not Cleared By His Medical Team
Kawhi Leonard continues to to rehab in New York and is being examined routinely.

Chris Haynes/ESPN

Kawhi's 'People' Would Have To Call Popovich If He Wants To Rejoin Team For Playoffs
Kawhi Leonard is not expected to return to the Spurs in time for the playoffs.

Marc J. Spears/The Undefeated

NBA Playoffs: First Round Efficiency Capsules
The ranking in the three efficiency metrics for all eight playoff matchups.

RealGM Staff Report

Danny Green: No Spurs At Odds With Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard has had a couple of setbacks in his rehab.

Michael Rehome/NBC San Antonio

Teams Preparing To Pursue Trade For Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard would be unable to sign a max contract at 35 percent of the cap should he leave the Spurs.

Brian Windhorst, Zach Lowe/ESPN

Gregg Popovich: Kawhi Leonard Will Return When He And His Group Feel He's Ready
Kawhi Leonard still hopes to return this season.


Kawhi Leonard Returns To New York For Rehab
Kawhi Leonard resumed working out in San Antonio on Feb. 27.

Adrian Wojnarowski, Michael C. Wright/ESPN

LaMarcus Aldridge Set For MRI On Bruised Left Knee
LaMarcus Aldridge suffered the injury in a collision with Otto Porter Jr.

Tom Osborn/San Antonio Express-News

LeBron James, LaMarcus Aldridge Named Players Of The Week
LeBron James averaged 34.8 points and 11.0 assists during Cleveland's 4-0 week.

RealGM Staff Report

Spurs Claim Players-Only Meeting Went Beyond Kawhi Leonard
Tony Parker declined to discuss specifics about the meeting.

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

Spurs Hold Players-Only Meeting Over Kawhi Leonard's Status
Several teammates spoke up to express frustration and confusion over Kawhi Leonard's status.

Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

Spurs Expected To Offer Designed Veteran Player Extension To Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard's extension would be worth more than $200 million.

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

Manu Ginobili Not Expecting Kawhi Leonard To Return This Season
Kawhi Leonard was at the Spurs' annual team picture but didn't participate in shootaround a few minutes later.

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

Gregg Popovich: It's Been A Frustrating Season
The Spurs have used 24 starting lineups this season as they have accrued 185 total games missed due to injury.

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

Kawhi Leonard Still Not Practicing With Spurs
At one point this week, there was optimism of Kawhi Leonard playing on Thursday.

Michael C. Wright/ESPN

Kawhi Leonard's Return Date Pushed Back
Kawhi Leonard will continue to evaluate his injury for a possible comeback before the season ends.

Shams Charania/Yahoo! Sports