On a night when Joel Embiid scored 70 points and Karl-Anthony Towns scored 62 points, San Antonio Spurs rookie center Victor Wembanyama said the game is focused on the big men again. Wembanyama got to witness Embiid's big night up close, as the Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Spurs.

"A few years back, it was more of a guards' game," Wembanyama said. "But now, it's come back to a big men's game. I think it makes sense in terms of the game. We got guys, some guys all around the league who do a lot of stuff despite being very tall.

"It's the way the game changes. Now, we got to adapt."

Wembanyama scored 33 points in his head-to-had matchup with the reigning MVP. Following the game, the rookie drew praise from Embiid.

"He's great," Embiid said about Wembanyama. "I mean, he's got everything. Size, skill, got everything. There's nothing else to say. Bright future. He's already pretty good, but once he develops and his body also catches up, he's gonna bring a lot of problems for a lot of guys in this league. He's extremely talented."