It's been speculated that San Antonio Spurs rookie big man Victor Wembanyama won't be patient in waiting for the team to start winning. Wembanyama said he's on the same page with the Spurs, to the point that he'll be involved in offseason transaction conversations.

"It's a lot of communication with the coaches and the front office, to know where we're comfortable with each other in the game and where we're not comfortable to know what kind of pieces we would need to add," Wembanyama said when asked if he'll have input into San Antonio's offseason moves. "It's a lot of discussion, because ... the GM, the front office, they know their job. They can do almost anything with what we got today, but it's a matter of how well they understand us -- the players and the coaches about where we want to go and how we want to develop."

Wembanyama also noted that he and the Spurs front office and coaches are all on the same page as far as moving forward.

"Oh yeah. Yeah. And this is the good thing. I feel like there's no internal fights between us," Wembanyama said. "So, it is good, it's the right way for the future."