Sacramento Kings AnalysisSacramento Kings Analysis

Why George Hill Is The Key To Sacramento's Rebuild

by Andrew Perna

Nov 8, 2017 9:58 AM

When he was introduced in Sacramento in July, the Kings might as well have put "De'Aaron Fox Mentor" on George Hill's placard. He said he would take the rookie under his wing and he's done just that. Read more »

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Pacific Division Offseason Review

by Keith P Smith

Oct 16, 2017 10:54 PM

On how the Lakers, Warriors, Clippers, Suns and Kings attacked the offseason. Read more »

Tags: Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, NBA

Thirty Futures: Sacramento Kings

by Colin McGowan

Oct 1, 2017 10:56 PM

Vince Carter was a god and now he's just an employee. He's improbably cool with it in a way few moderately washed up former stars have ever been. Read more »

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A Kingmaker After All

by Nick Zappulla

Maybe the Kings didn't win the DeMarcus Cousins' trade, but the pieces are now there for a hapless, much maligned franchise to turn it around in a relatively short period of time. Read more »
2017 Summer League Notes On All 30 NBA Teams

by Keith P Smith

Notes and observations on all 30 NBA teams from how they evaluated their offseason moves and what they saw from their Summer League prospects. Read more »
Grading The Deals: Kings Sign Pair Of Veterans In George Hill, Zach Randolph

by Christopher Reina

The Kings did well identifying and actually signing their veteran targets, but there is a clear opportunity cost in using resources on two players that won't be on their next playoff team. Read more »
2017 NBA Offseason Preview: Sacramento Kings

by Keith P Smith

The Kings are relaunching their rebuilding process yet again. This time around Buddy Hield, a host of young bigs and two lottery picks. Read more »
Ten-Year Net Rating Rankings (Infographics For All 30 Teams)

by Christopher Reina

Beyond strictly looking at wins and losses, net rating gives a clear picture of team performance. The following infographics show the trajectory of every team in the NBA in terms of how they rank in the category. Read more »
The Maximum Available 2017 Cap Space For All 30 NBA Teams, Version 4.0

by Keith P Smith

With the NBA Trade Deadline behind us and rosters locked in for the most part, it is time for an updated look at what all 30 teams cap space picture looks likes for the summer of 2017. Read more »
Boogie's Liberation From The Chaos Of Sacramento

by Colin McGowan

Even if the relationship was difficult at times, the Kings made a lot of money off DeMarcus Cousins. That franchise value ticks ever-upward. Boogie, meanwhile, suffered in a hell that was mostly the Kings' creation. Read more »
Grading The Deal: Pelicans Trade For DeMarcus Cousins

by Christopher Reina

DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis will form one of the NBA's best big man combinations in recent memory and could do so for the next decade. The Pelicans will be big man dominant in a small ball era, yet both Cousins and Davis are capable of spreading the floor as the most enticing bigs of this generation do. Read more »
Western Conference Buyers & Sellers At The Trade Deadline

by Keith P Smith

There are a number of teams on the fringes of the playoff picture such as the Kings, Nuggets, Blazers and Mavericks, which makes predicting their deadline goals difficult. Read more »
2016 Year-End NBA Team Portfolio Rankings

by Christopher Reina

The Warriors and Cavaliers remain atop our year-end rankings but there's considerable change behind them, most notably the Raptors, Bucks and 76ers. Read more »
DeMarcus Cousins As An Enormous, Looming Backup Plan

by Jonny Auping

If the Warriors, Cavaliers or Clippers begin to worry that their level of talent won't be enough to defeat their fellow contenders and are ready for something drastic, they are each uniquely in a position to trade for DeMarcus Cousins. Read more »
Five Question Season Preview: Pacific Division

by Brett Koremenos

Bringing out the best in Julius Randle, Marquese Chriss' dark horse ROY case, Golden State's young depth, Sacramento's improved ball movement and the Clippers' giant hole at small forward. Read more »
2016 NBA Offseason Review: Pacific Division

by Keith P Smith

While the Warriors improved a 73-win team by signing Kevin Durant and the Clippers largely preserved the status quo, the Lakers, Suns and Kings are trying to accelerate their rebuilds. Read more »
Thirty Futures: Sacramento Kings

by Colin McGowan

Beyond saving the Kings for Sacramento, it's been all bulletproof gargantua and townspeople fleeing for their lives during the ownership of Vivek Ranadive. Read more »
Team USA Providing Glimpse Into The Future Of DeMarcus Cousins

by Colin McGowan

At this point, Team USA is defined mostly by its ancillary uses: namely, team plane karaoke Instagram videos and operating as a safe space for DeMarcus Cousins. Read more »
The Kings' Sudden, Surprising Restraint

by Michael Pina

Sacramento has (for the most part) avoided any self-inflicting wounds this offseason. Instead, they've tapped the brakes and signed modest free agents on fliers that won't hurt their long-term cap sheet. Read more »
Leroux's 2016 NBA Draft Review

by Danny Leroux

Headlined by the great drafts from the 76ers and Nuggets, we go team-by-team to breakdown how every GM did based on the opportunities available to them. Read more »