The Dallas Mavericks are expecting to retain their pick at No. 5 in this year's draft.

"I don't think we'll look to trade out of the draft," said Donnie Nelson. "We're excited about the young nucleus with Dennis Smith, and obviously Harrison (Barnes) kind of grabbing the torch and providing the leadership role that Dirk (Nowitzki) has provided over the years. We're excited about getting another young, impact guy we can add to the mix."

Nelson also commented on getting the No. 5 pick.

"It is what it is," said Nelson. "The good news is there are a number of players that are in there that we feel really, really good about. Everyone pretty much has (Deandre) Ayton at the top of the food chain, and then after that there's a good chunk of players that goes certainly past five, well past five, that we feel really really good about."