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Knicks Plan To Pursue Pau Gasol

The New York Knicks are planning to pursue Pau Gasol in free agency to replace Tyson Chandler.

The Knicks can only offer less than $4 million to Gasol.

The Knicks traded away Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton in a deal for Jose Calderon, believing Carmelo Anthony would like to play with the well-liked point guard who is a strong perimeter shooter.

Phil Jackson and the Knicks are quietly confident of their chances of re-signing Anthony.

Via Marc Stein/ESPN

Carmelo To Make Decision After Visits With Knicks, Bulls, Lakers, Rockets, Mavs

Carmelo Anthony plans on making his decision in the second week of July after taking several visits in free agency.

Anthony is expected to meet with the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks. A source made no mention of meeting with the Miami Heat.

The source said that Anthony loves New York and playing for the Knicks, but there are questions surrounding the future of the franchise.

Phil Jackson was evasive when asked by reporters Thursday night if he would be willing to complete a sign-and-trade with Anthony if he opts to go elsewhere. The source added that the Knicks and Anthony have had no discussions about the possibility of a sign-and-trade.

Via Marc J. Spears/Yahoo! Sports

Carmelo Could Take 7.5 Percent Pay Decrease In Year 2 To Create More Cap Space

Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks are not demanding Carmelo Anthony take less money to re-sign, but they are challenging him to do so.

“He’s the one that opened that up that it wasn’t about the money. So I challenged him on that because I want our fans to see he’s a team player, that he’s going to do what was best for this team to get ahead farther and faster. It’s not going to be an issue,” Jackson said. 

Anthony can make a maximum of $22.54 million in his first season. A max contract with the Knicks would give him raises of 7.5 percent on that number in each successive season. So if he wanted to take a pay cut, Anthony could accept less money in the first year of his contract and then take maximum raises in each successive season. 

Under the rules of the CBA, his salary can fluctuate by a wide range from year to year. If Anthony were to re-sign with the Knicks, his salary could increase or decrease by 7.5 percent from year to year. 

So Anthony, in theory, could agree to the maximum amount in Year 1 of his contract and then accept a pay cut of 7.5 percent in Year 2. 

That would leave his salary for Year 2 at 20.85 million. That’s a savings of $3.4 million compared to what Anthony would get in the second year of a max contract with maximum raises. 

Via Ian Begley/ESPN

Carmelo Not Expected To Consider Heat, Lakers

Carmelo Anthony will visit the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and Chicago Bulls once free agency begins on July 1.

"Those three teams plus the Knicks seem to be the ones he's going to consider," one source said.

There does not appear to be a frontrunner at this point for Anthony.

Anthony is not expected to meet formally with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he's being recruited by Kobe Bryant. The two spoke by telephone earlier this week and Bryant told ESPN via text message that he plans to meet with Anthony as well.

The Miami Heat do not appear to be a viable option for Anthony. There had been reports about Anthony joining the Heat with the proposed Big 4 taking significant pay reductions, but sources said there has been no talk about that possibility from his camp.

Via Chris Broussard/ESPN

Knicks, Mavs Agree To Chandler, Felton For Calderon, Dalembert, Larkin, Two 2nd Rounders

The Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks have agreed upon a trade involving Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton for Samuel Dalembert, Jose Calderon, Shane Larkin and Wayne Ellington.

In the proposed trade, the Knicks would also receive the Mavericks' No. 34 and No. 51 overall picks, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Chandler was with the Mavericks in 2011 when they won the NBA Finals. The Mavericks elected to let him leave in free agency thinking he would soon be in decline and to maintain cap space to pursue Dwight Howard and Chris Paul or Deron Williams.

Via Marc Stein/ESPN

Knicks, Rockets Could Discuss Carmelo For Harden Sign-And-Trade

In a radio appearance, Chris Broussard reported that the Houston Rockets and New York Knicks could agree upon a sign-and-trade of Carmelo Anthony for James Harden.

The Rockets could then sign LeBron James with anticipated cap space created by trading away Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin in order to form a Big 3 with Anthony and Dwight Howard.

James and Anthony have reported interest in playing together.

Harden was a first-team All-NBA selection, but there have been questions on whether his game fits with Howard.

Via Chris Broussard/ESPN

Clippers Haven't Ruled Out Pursuing Carmelo

The Los Angeles Clippers haven't ruled out pursuing Carmelo Anthony who will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

Anthony and Chris Paul have long been close friends, with Paul making an infamous speech at Anthony's wedding about the two playing together someday.

There were trade rumors involving Blake Griffin for Anthony several months ago that were flatly denied by the Clippers.

Via Broderick Turner/Los Angeles Times

Boeheim Has Talked To Thibodeau About Carmelo, Believes In Their Potential Partnership

Jim Boeheim has talked to Tom Thibodeau about Carmelo Anthony and believes in their ability to create a successful partnership with the Chicago Bulls.

“I’ve talked to Tom about Melo, his name has come up,’’ Boeheim said on Tuesday. “I think Tom is very excited about the possibility of getting Carmelo. He likes him. He likes how he plays. He feels he’s coachable. I think Tom Thibodeau is one of the better coaches in the NBA. Carmelo would be happy playing for him. It would be a good fit – the coach-player relationship.’’

Boeheim made it clear that he hopes Anthony decides to play where he can win.

“I’d like to see him be where he can win, honestly,’’ Boeheim said. “He’s not going to get his due and credit the way the game is set up. You’re viewed almost as a failure if you don’t win championships. So I’d like to see him get where he can win. I’d like for it to be in New York but I’d like to see where he can win. I believe he wants to be where he can win.

“I think Melo loves New York. He has had a good run there but he played – I watched 60 games – I thought he played great last year. But the bottom line when they lose, he’s going to get blamed.’’

Via Marc Berman/New York Post

Heat, Hawks Could Join Pursuit Of Carmelo Anthony

The Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers are expected to make their pitch to Carmelo Anthony on July 1.

Sources said the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat could also join those clubs in pursuit of Anthony depending on what happens in the days before the start of free agency.

While the New York Knicks remain in the picture to re-sign Anthony, the Bulls are widely considered the early favorite.

Anthony, LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade would have to take significantly less money for the Heat to be a viable option.

The Hawks would have to clear approximately $10 million to $12 million in salary-cap space to pursue Anthony, but sources indicate that is one of the many options Atlanta is considering.

Via Ramona Shelburne, Marc Stein/ESPN

Raymond Felton Avoids Jail Time, Pleads Guily To Low-Level Gun Felony

Raymond Felton will not face jail time after pleading guilty to a low-level felony of attempted possession of a weapon.

Felton was charged with third-degree weapons possession in February after his estranged wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton, and her attorney brought the Belgian-made semiautomatic handgun to the 20th Precinct stationhouse.

Felton could have faced seven years in prison if convicted on the top charge against him.

Felton's lawyer, James Walden, said Felton “will be able to continue his career without interruption.”

Via Barbara Ross/New York Daily News

Carmelo Would Like Input In Player Personnel Decisions

The Knicks have limited roster flexibility this offseason, but could have significant cap space in 2015.

Mavericks To Pursue Pau Gasol

The Mavericks plan to pursue Pau Gasol in free agency.

Carmelo Anthony To Inform Knicks He Will Opt Out Of Contract, Become Free Agent

Carmelo Anthony will inform the Knicks on Monday that he is opting out of the final season of his contract.

Andrea Bargnani Opts In With Knicks For 14-15

Andrea Bargnani will become a free agent in 2015.

Carmelo Inquiring About Life In Chicago

Carmelo Anthony and the Bulls are each doing due diligence upon the other ahead of free agency.

Knicks Targeting Tyler Ennis, P.J. Hairston If 1st Round Pick Purchased

The Knicks are attempting to purchase a first round pick in Thursday's NBA Draft.

Carmelo Likes Phil Jackson's Direction Of Knicks

Carmelo Anthony declined to address his future plans on Wednesday, but he expressed how pleased he was with his meeting last week with Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher and Steve Mills.

Sources: Warriors Trading David Lee, Harrison Barnes For Tyson Chandler 'Won't Happen'

The Warriors would be willing to part with David Lee and Harrison Barnes for Tyson Chandler, according to a report.

Phil Jackson Travels To Turkey For Son's Wedding, Will Return Before Draft

Phil Jackson met with Carmelo Anthony on Friday in Los Angeles and is headed to Turkey this week to attend his son's wedding and is scheduled to return prior to next week's NBA Draft.

Howard, Harden Prepared To Recruit Carmelo For Rockets

The Rockets will need to unload the expiring contracts of Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin to clear most of the space required to sign Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo Leaning Toward Not Re-Signing With Knicks

Carmelo Anthony is currently leaning toward leaving the Knicks in order to play for an immediate title contender, with the Bulls and Rockets considered favorites.

Knicks' Brass To Meet With Carmelo Anthony

Phil Jackson, James Dolan and Derek Fisher will be part of the Knicks' contingent to attempt to sell Carmelo Anthony on the future of the franchise.

Bosh Considers Adding Carmelo As 'Very, Very Unlikely'

Chris Bosh said that it has never been discussed amongst himself, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Carmelo Anthony Remains Decided On Opting Out Of Contract

Carmelo Anthony has not wavered from his intent to become a free agent on July 1.

Heat Working On Plan To Sign Carmelo To Create Big 4

LeBron James in particular is likely to try to recoup potential salary sacrificed if Carmelo Anthony is signed through off-court business opportunities.

Carmelo Anthony Open To Considering Bulls, Rockets, Mavericks

Carmelo Anthony has until June 23 to notify the Knicks if he plans to opt in or out of the final season of his contract.

LeBron, Carmelo Could Play On Same Team In 2015 If Both Opt-In

Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James would like to play with each other and Stephen A. Smith is predicting it as a "95 percent possibility" if they both opt-in for the 14-15 season.

Lakers Taking Time On Coach Search With Free Agency Looming

The Lakers feel like they're not completely out of contention for LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony.

Derek Fisher Agrees To Become Head Coach Of Knicks

The Knicks and Derek Fisher are close to agreement on a five-year, $25 million deal.

Analyst: Knicks Could Be Worth As Much As $3 Billion

Rich Tullo wrote that the valuation is "based on percent premiums of recent sales prices paid for franchises such as the L.A. Clippers ($2 billion), the Bucks ($550 million) and New Orleans ($338 million)."
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