Dwane Casey and Bryan Colangelo have bee in discussions for the types of players the Raptors need to improve their roster.

"Evaluating the roster, free agents that we're looking at and possible trade scenarios. We've been proactive as far as looking at those situations and trying to evaluate what our needs are. I don't want to go into specific names, but there's some interesting names that we're looking at and that's one thing about Bryan and his track record, anything he can do to help the team get better, he's willing to do and the organization's willing to do."

The Raptors two biggest needs appear to be veteran leadership and interior defense.

"Leadership and rim protection is huge," said Casey. "Veteran leadership that's going to set the tone defensively and in the locker room. That player will bring a degree of professionalism, because again, we're a young team. The one thing I want to do is change the culture to a defensive mentality and that's uncomfortable sometimes, so we probably will need a veteran to come in and help change that culture to that defensive mentality. You do need that leadership, but we need someone who still can play. You don't want someone to come in and just be a veteran. We want someone to contribute on the court and in the locker room and give us that type of presence within our organization."