John Greig, agent for DeMarcus Cousins, and Paul Westphal are at odds on whether DeMarcus Cousins has requested a trade.

Cousins and Westphal had another shouting match with in the coach’s office, which led to the second-year big man to be asked to stay home from Sunday's game.

Greig contends that Cousins hasn't asked for a trade, but he was overheard by teammates saying the opposite.

“Trade me now,” Cousins was heard to yell after Saturday’s loss to the Knicks, a source told Y! Sports.

Kings co-owner Joe Maloof and general manager Geoff Petrie said they will not trade Cousins, regardless of his wishes.

“We’re happy that he’s a King,” Maloof told Y! Sports. “But when a coach asks you to do something, you got to do it. We’re not trading him. …We have great expectations for him. It’s just one of those things that happens.

“Sooner or later he’ll understand what the NBA is about. Just get along with people. That’s all.”

Teams interested in Cousins have called the Kings, but none believes the team will seriously consider trading him so early in his career. 

“Once you saw that release only came from Westphal, that was a telltale sign that this was a coach venting and not a call to the league by management and ownership that they were trading Cousins,” one Eastern Conference executive told Y! Sports.

Cousins has been a difficult teammate to play with.

“He’s selfish,” one source close to the team said of Cousins. “He’s always angry or clowning. He needs to change. The Kings have been great about covering things up for him, and his agent has been protecting him.

“He’s always miserable. He acts like he’s entitled.”

Some players are frustrated with his lack of professionalism.

“He’s a bully, and they let him get away with it,” one source said. “No one wants to deal with the guy.”