Ricky Rubio’s flair for the dramatic has drawn comparison to some of the all-time great point guards.

"There are similarities to a lot of the all-time great players with Rubio. I see [Pete] Maravich, I see [Jason] Kidd, I see some [Steve] Nash.

"He plays a solid competitive game and yet he's still entertaining, and that's great for our league and it's great for the Minnesota franchise. But it's tough to play against this guy."

Rubio averages 10.9 points and 8.8 assists per game.

"The more I watch him the more I have an appreciation not only of his skills, but of his toughness," Carlisle said after the Mavs' practice at the Target Center. "He's a very tough player.

"He takes a lot of hits, but he keeps his motor running, he keeps attacking. He shoots the ball much better than people had predicted he was going to shoot it in this league, and that makes his passing that much more dangerous."