Kevin Martin had his first scoreless game as a starter in a 93-83 loss to the Grizzlies on Tuesday. Martin attempted three shots in just 19 minutes of action, but would not say that he should be more of a focal point of the offense.

“I don’t need plays for me to get going," Martin said. "I’ve been successful in my career just getting in the flow of the game. I’m over there chilling. It is what it is at the moment.”

Martin’s frustration was more about getting benched.

“Sometimes, it’s nothing about the number of shots,” Martin said. “It seems like a lot of things have changed in the past two weeks.

“If we’re winning and I’m sitting, I’m happy. Tonight, we got beat and I’m on a 10-day contract leash. I’m not happy about that just because we lost. If we’re winning, I’ll sit over there for 48 minutes.”