Kobe Bryant spoke about the Lakers' decision to trade Derek Fisher at the deadline.

"Very difficult," Bryant said. "I'm not used to it because I've been with him my entire career, aside from that little stint that he had away from us. So, it's very different for me. It's pretty weird."

Added Bryant in his ESPN 710 Radio postgame interview, "I think I was shocked just like everybody else ... We've always been close and we'll continue to be close."

The Lakers upgraded the point guard position in a separate move by acquiring Ramon Sessions.

"I don't get that sentimental about it," Bryant said. "I texted [Fisher on Thursday] and we kind of had a laugh about it because he knows how I am. We just talked about the good times and what a fun time it was to go to battle together and things like that, but that's about as sentimental as I'm going to get."