Derek Fisher has been working to find a comfort level with his new teammates of the Thunder.

“The thing that really impresses me is he comes in and does his work,” Scott Brooks said. “He's really professional. He's thorough. He's diligent in his work. He's always early. He gets his time in before and after practice. He's not just sitting down and grabbing guys (to come) over. You can't do that. There's always a grace period, a comfort level that guys need and that he needs with guys.”

Brooks added that Fisher has been subtle in expressing his thoughts.

“He's talked to the group at times,” Brooks said. “He's not a big talker, but what he says is very important. Those are words our guys need to hear and they need to continue to hear. He's not like grabbing guys left and right (and saying), 'Come on and listen to this story I'm about to tell you.' He's a class act. We appreciate having him around.”