Mike Miller has missed a combined 71 games during his two seasons with the Heat, but he is beginning to show signs of why he was signed shortly after LeBron James and Chris Bosh were added to Dwyane Wade.

“We’re finally starting to see some of the things that we’ve always liked about Mike," said Erik Spoelstra.

Miami was plus-23 with Miller on the floor on Sunday.

“With guys out we’ve been able to bring the ball to him a lot more and not just for him to run to the corner and be the recipient of plays like that last one [where he drilled a game-clinching three-pointer against the Rockets]. We’ve had calls for him where there is the responsibility for him to create shots for the team. And I think that’s great for him.

“You see the versatility he brings. He’s not just a spot-up three-point shooter. He can put the ball on the floor, be a timely offensive rebounder. He makes passes on catch-and-shoots. He brings another dimension to our game that is not simply pick-and-roll. That’s a valuable piece.”