Nate McMillan, fired by the Blazers in March, is looking to get back into coaching.

McMillan set the record straight for those who say he's only looking for a win-now situation.

“Not necessarily,” McMillan explained. “The plan in Portland, when I got there was to rebuild and we were lucky to draft some really good players. Injuries just put a damper on things. Coaching is coaching. It would be a new beginning for me. Young team or a veteran team....If you're saying, 'I'm just looking for a veteran team,' that's not true.

“Depends on the opportunity. It takes two to agree to a deal and we'll see whenever that happens. I won't just take anything, it will depend on the situation.”

McMillan indicated his new team will have to have a detailed strategy that aligns with his principles.

“Wherever I end up at, I want to know the team's game plan going in and how to execute as an organization,” McMillan said.