Team USA allowed 58.5 percent shooting to Lithuania on Saturday.

“We got to do a better job of communicating,” LeBron James said. “At times, we did. But you have to, defensively, in order to read and react to certain situations, you have to talk things through. If we’re switching or we’re guarding the pick-and-roll or we’re bumping guys into the paint, we gotta do a better job of talking that through, which we will. We have done it in the past. We can do it. We’ll watch film and we’ll get better at it.”

Lithuania attacked the U.S. inside, scoring a telltale 50 in-the-paint points.

“They made a lot of shots,” said Chris Paul. “They just executed their offense. They set ball-screens and they rolled, Darius Songaila got into the paint, but we’ve gotta do a better job of communicating defensively and we gotta talk better.”