To prepare for his rookie season, Donatas Motiejunas is practicing against Omer Asik.

“So that’s the thing: When you go up against that kind of player you see really quickly where you are and what you need to work on,” Motiejunas said of lining up against Asik. “He’s already earned his reputation so I need to check myself. I need to learn how to deal with these kinds of players because that’s what I’m going to be facing every day.”

Motiejunas -- who was taken 20th overall by Minnesota in the 2011 draft – said he is picking up lessons from Asik that will aid in his development.

“My quickness is my weapon, but I knew that already,” he said. “But he’s also fast so I just need to outsmart him. I need to be more consistent and a smarter player. Just coming from Europe, there are things I learn every day about the NBA and I have to work to figure out how to adjust and adapt my game.”