Jeremy Lin was recently asked which aspects of his game has he critiqued when examining film from last season.

"Definitely I find myself in the air too much," said Lin. "I need to stay on the ground and not get caught in bad situations. I have to cut down on lazy passes. Coach (Kevin) McHale calls them “same plane” passes where it’s one spot and I just fire in a direct line; I have to use more deception and different angles. Then I just have to solidify my left hand and dribbling and keeping guys from reaching in. Those things accounted for most of my turnovers last year."

Lin has also spent a lot of time watching film of other point guards.

"I’ve watched everybody and some of the names might be shocking, but the thing is every point guard does something better than me, so the key is learning from whatever that is. Players that I’ve watched – the obvious ones: Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Steve Nash, John Stockton, Gary Payton. And then you can go on to the ones who have very specialized skills: Juan Carlos Navarro and then Chris Duhon and Raymond Felton. They do things that are really, really good and better than me that other people might not see."

Lin was also asked how he will define whether the 12-13 season is successful.

"If we as a team can work as hard as we can, but also to build the right culture – that would be a success for me. Obviously we want to make the playoffs. But if we don’t make the playoffs, if we’re close to making the playoffs but we had a lot of adversity or injuries or different things that we had to get through, and we still manage to establish a good culture and build and get better – I think that’s a success."