Four players have received official warnings from the NBA for flopping under the league's new rule.

The anti-flopping rule appears to have reduced its use over the first few weeks of the season.

"It's important that the league stay vigilant in its enforcement to keep the players in line," said Jeff Van Gundy. "So far it seems to be affecting the players in a positive manner." 

Shane Battier believes the impact of the rule has been for players on offense to adjust.

"I think offensively, people are less apt to give the ol' 'Oh my gosh, I've just been shot' reaction after minimal contact," said Battier. "Defensively, I don't think it's changed at all. It hasn't changed me, and I don't think it's changed our team. Offensively, people are less apt to act like they've been handled by Jack the Ripper." 

Battier came into the season skeptical of the rule.