Over the course of 2012, LeBron James won his first NBA championship and Finals MVP, his second Olympic gold medal in London and his third NBA MVP award. As 2012 winds down, James got a chance on Monday to look back on his year.

“It was a great year, an unbelievable year and I will never forget it,” James said. “But time waits for no one and I understand that."

Even last season, James went through adversity and negativity due to his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and join the Miami Heat. Ultimately, everything he dealt with prepared him to become a championship -- and makes all the accolades to follow more pleasing.

“Going through what I went through my first year here [in Miami], making the transition from Cleveland and ultimately winning a championship, it makes it sweeter,” James said.

James, 27, also received a ring from the 2012 NCAA tournament champion Kentucky Wildcats because of his close ties to John Calipari and the team.