Both Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer Fredette have played efficient games at the backup point guard spot recently, but the Sacramento Kings still won't give one of them the permanent job.

"I keep wrestling with that, but every game dictates something different," Keith Smart said Saturday.

"It may come to a point where I say, 'I'll play this guy for five games and see what happens.' But then I may need this guy's energy, I may need this guy's shooting. They're not the same type of player."

Thomas is averaging 9.3 points in 18.5 minutes per game this season while Fredette is averaging 6.7 points in 11.4 minutes.

Thomas understands he can't control the platoon situation, but he admits he would like a clearer role.

"Wouldn't you? I would," Thomas said. "But I mean, that's coach's decision, and I'm a team guy, so I just go with whatever he chooses. I mean, I'll always know I'm going to stay ready, no matter what."