Keith Smart has guided the Sacramento Kings through a tumultuous season, most notably the repeated incidents involving DeMarcus Cousins.

"I know I can do this," Smart said, "and my nature is that I never get discouraged. If we lose a game, I walk in the next day, and it's like a graveyard around here. I'll ask the guys, 'Did you read the obituaries? Did you see your name in there?' If you're here, you always have the opportunity to change."

The Kings plan on keeping Smart at least through 13-14.

"Fans have every right to be upset when we don't play well," Smart acknowledged, "and they have seen us play well. But I know my team, what they can do. We have to eliminate the 'me' syndrome.' I call it the 'drum major instinct.' I don't think they're selfish, but they all want to be out front. These are one-on-one players. You can't just say, 'Be a passer.' Timing, setting a guy up, the triangle. I tried that. But who's my best read (defenses) guy? Who sees the floor? Chuck (Hayes). I want to get into a motion offense just so they will move the ball."