The Los Angeles Clippers are quick to point to chemistry as a reason for their league-best record.

"I'm a big believer in that stuff," Vinny Del Negro said. "We have really good people, not only good players. They support each other and almost more so off the court, whether it's birthday parties or events or charity events or whatever it is. I think it's very important that there's a great support system for all the players."

Clippers players regularly dine together after home games, choosing to convene at Ryan Hollins’ restaurant in Beverly Hills.

"All the players and coaches have come," said Hollins, whose minutes have diminished of late. "Whether you're the star player on the team or a guy on the bench, we come and support each other. Even though I'm not playing, they have my back and they're supporting me. When I get my chance, I'll be out there playing for them. As a whole we have that unity. That's a special thing I've never had before."

In his second season with the Clippers, Chris Paul has remade the team in his image.

"It matters," Paul said when asked about chemistry. "It matters a lot when you really, truly care about somebody. You'll dive on the floor for them. You'll run through that screen for them. You really genuinely care how they feel. It just means a little bit more. When you win, you're genuinely happy. You'll go out to eat with your teammates after the game. You want to win for each other and not just for yourself."