Brook Lopez was the subject of trade rumors throughout the 11-12 season and he has been linked again despite having an outstanding season for the Brooklyn Nets.

“We’re happy with Brook,” Deron Williams said. “Brook is our center. He’s having an All-Star year. I don’t see Brook going anywhere.”

RealGM reported on Tuesday that the Nets continue to monitor the potential availability of Howard.

“(Lopez and I) talked about it last night,” Williams said. “All it is is rumors and sources. Sources are not credible to me. Until you put a name to a source, it’s not credible.

“I’d be really surprised if Lopez doesn’t make (the All-Star reserves, which will be announced tomorrow). I don’t know how you could leave Brook off. What he’s meant to this team on both sides of the floor. He’s been the most consistent throughout this season. I think he’s an All-Star. …I think in general he just came in with a chip on his shoulders, being in thrown around in trade rumors for the last two years and being hurt last year and people doubting him, so I think he definitely came in ready to go this year and really confident. Hopefully people are taking notice.”