In a letter sent to his players, Arn Tellem calls for the removal of Billy Hunter as executive director of the National Basketball Players Association.

“N.B.A. players deserve better representation from the union they fund,” Tellem writes in the letter. “I implore you and your fellow players to take control of your union and your future. It’s time for Mr. Hunter to go.”

Tellem suggests that the players make that decision during the players association's annual All-Star meeting.

In his letter, Tellem suggests that Hunter should not be allowed to attend that meeting to prevent him from any attempt “to intimidate and manipulate.” Tellem writes: “Hunter is betting that the players — historically passive — will let him slide. I hope you don’t. Clearly, Hunter has violated your trust.”

Hunter could not immediately be reached for comment.

Tellem represents Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson, amongst many other NBA players.

No other agents have publicly called for Hunter’s dismissal, but Jeff Schwartz, Dan Fegan, Bill Duffy, Mark Bartelstein and Leon Rose all called for the union to decertify during the lockout.

An outside audit has heavily criticized the expenditures, hiring practices and judgment of Hunter during his tenure.