LeBron James took an active role in Saturday's NBPA meeting that resulted in the firing of executive director Billy Hunter.

Hunter's business practices were subject to an audit that showed, amongst other things, that his most recent contract was never properly approved.

James “practically cross-examined” the lawyers who prepared the audit, according to someone in the room. 

“It was spectacular,” said the person who was in the room.

Chris Paul is the only superstar in the union's executive committee.

James is respected by his peers for his place as one of the unquestioned best players in the world, but also for his business savvy and ability to connect with everyone.

James has not take a prominent role in union politics up until this point in his career, but the Miami Heat have several active members. James Jones is on the executive committee, while Shane Battier and Ray Allen are intelligent, outspoken veterans. The Heat have held many discussions about union issues over the past few months.

“He recognized that this was the time to have a very serious discussion about the future of the players association,” said one person who spoke to James on Saturday. “He wanted to make his voice heard.”